8 Great Prewedding Photoshoot Props That Are Absolutely Free

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Free Prewedding Photoshoot Props

8 You know how I am always in search of affordable genius things in weddings? Well, the blog is all about it. So I thought let me bring you some super no brainer genius free Pre-wedding Photoshoot Props that you can use for your photo shoot. While some might say that props are a thing of the past, true. But if you come up with something different and unique and awesome, there is no harm in that, right?


#1 Water

Free Prewedding Photoshoot Props

Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul

Now, who would have thought, and yet it’s one of the most fun props to use for a fun day with your fiance. If your hubby-to-be is not all that into formal posing and dressing up, this is a fantastic idea to go for. Just call it as your mini pre-wedding holi function.


#2 Ladder

Free Prewedding Photoshoot Props

Rock my Wedding

Every building/society has one of these lying around. Some people even have small ladders at home. All you got to do is deck it up a little bit. Use loads of potted plants and flowers and lights, and you are good to go.


#3 Potted Plants

Potted Plants reminds me, why not use that as a prop. You don’t really have to pick up real pots, but nowadays there are a lot of decorative small pots etc available. Just use it as your backdrop for some naturally gorgeous pictures.

Free Prewedding Photoshoot Props


I know I shouldn’t say this, but living in Gurgaon where there is a nursery at a stone’s throw distance, if you have the similar ‘luxury’, you can even go ahead and have a fun photo shoot day out there. Just make sure that you actually have a liking towards plants, otherwise, the whole point of it goes for a toss, eh?


#4 Cycle

Free Prewedding Photoshoot Props


I don’t know why we don’t have those basket cycles, ladybird available these days. They would have been such a hit in weddings. But nonetheless, if you can manage to grab hold of a cycle, the possibilities of photographs are endless. Literally.


#5 Umbrella

Free Prewedding Photoshoot Props

My Heart Says

Now, everyone has these at home. No, I am not talking about those fancy Rajasthani looking colourful mehendi umbrellas. A simple black one would do too. You see, it’s not like you will use just one prop for photographs. It’s going to be a combination of props, so why fuss about some expensive never-use-again prop. Make sense?


#6 Dupatta

Free Prewedding Photoshoot Props

Avnish Dhoundiyal

Have that super colourful bandhani dupatta locked somewhere in your mums closet? Time to take it out. Dupattas make for the best cheesiest pre wedding photos. It’s filmy, in a way romantic and definitely a lot of fun to play around with.


#7 Paper Props

Free Prewedding Photoshoot Props


Are you into origami? No? Do you have some friends who can help you with making some DIY paper props? Use one weekend to utilize youtube tutorials to the maximum, and make some colourful props. It’s fun, playful and at the end of the day, you have your very own custom Free Prewedding Photoshoot Props.


#8 Flour

Free Prewedding Photoshoot Props

Shutter Down Photography

I would have never thought about this one, had I not seen an entire baking photo shoot done based on just this element. Flour is such a genius idea. Not many couples have used it, so it’s definitely fresh.


Featured Image: The Story Weavers

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