5 New Lehenga Colours For The Sister Of The Bride

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Are you tired of seeing the same old pinks and reds at weddings? Want to try something different, unique and absolutely stunning? Well, this post will help all you sister of the brides with some gorgeous lehenga inspiration. Take a look at 5 New Lehenga Colours that you can wear to your brother/sisters wedding this season.

#1 Powder Blue Lehenga

New Lehenga Colours
Monica & Nidhi

I feel this is the perfect sister of the bride/groom lehenga colour this season. Summer is still on in most places, and wearing a powder blue lehenga for a day function is a great choice. It looks fresh, young and gives that beautiful whimsical feel.

Oh by the way, that gorgeous Anita Dongre lehenga you see in the pictures, is priced at just INR 99,999! So if you have been eyeing a premium designer lehenga for awhile, you know what to pick.

#2 Grey Lehengas

New Lehenga Colours
Swati Manish

Such a bold colour, ain’t it? Till about a few seasons back, whenever I saw grey the only thing that came to mind was sofa fabric. I mean, it’s the most obvious choice for upholstery fabric but who would have thought it would make for such a head-turner lehenga colour.

While I am not too sure if brides would be gung-go about wearing grey as their wedding outfit, a grooms sister can totally rock this look. Natasha Dalal has some great new age lehengas in offbeat colours that you must check out if you like these kinds of shades.

#3 Teal Coloured Lehenga

New Lehenga Colours

Looks pretty spectacular, isn’t it? It’s the perfect evening look colour. Dark, brooding, quite sexy and mysterious in a way. I haven’t seen too many brides or brides sisters donning this look, so it’s a fresh colour to go for this wedding season.

#4 Mint Green

New Lehenga Colours
Swati Manish

You might say you have seen this colour, right? I thought so too…but it seems that mint vs mint green is two very different colours. Some days these kinds of revelations are a serious struggle for even a wedding blogger such as me.

If this was not mind boggling enough, there is another shade called aqua green which almost looks in the same family colour. But nevertheless, these are great colours to wear to a day function. Take it from me, you will practically look like sunshine walking through the wedding.

#5 Lilac Lehenga

New Lehenga Colours
Kresha Bajaj
New Lehenga Colours

Ever since blogger Aayushi Bangur wore a lilac lehenga for her mehendi ceremony, it got me thinking, wouldn’t this colour look fabulous on a sister of the bride as well? While lavender has somehow been done to death now, the new it colour is the darker counterpart to it. Lilac looks great on most of the Indian skin tones, and is definitely a must try this season.

Featured Image: MissStyleFiesta, WhatKnot.in

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