Pockets On Lehengas? Now Who Wouldn’t Want That !

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Anita Dongre showcased her latest collection titled ‘Tree of Love‘ at ICW 2017 this month. I can’t get enough of all the beauty of bridal couture. Her collection was outstanding. From gorgeous colours to her signature heavy gota lehengas everything was eye candy delicious to look at.

But the one thing that really set the tone of the collection was pockets on lehengas. I mean, about time somebody did that right? Such a genius idea, and so so trendy. I love it. As a bride, you can keep a lipstick in there, or a small perfume or anything. There are so many options, and we as women always want storage, right?

Pockets On Lehengas

Tree of Love is inspired by my love for trees and the Bishnoi tribe who are known for their love for nature, trees and animals alike. There is magic in trees; memories older than time come alive in a gentle sway. Memories—of dancing in the rain, of afternoon strolls to the sound of family laughter. Childhood dreams and new ambitions muddle into one. Rustling leaves tell tales of days gone by, and joy yet to come. – Anita Dongre


Favourite Bridal Outfits:

Pockets On Lehengas

I love colours. I love using colours in all my collection.” She added, “I love red because I still think that it is the traditional bridal colour in India and I think a bride should go all out and celebrate herself with just beautiful red. I am definitely partial to red.” – Anita Dongre, Source – News18

Don’t you love the sheer variety of colours the designer has showcased in her bridal collection? It’s so much better when a bride can see all the options in front of her, rather than imagine what her dream lehenga would look like. A lot of brides these days want to experiment, and this collection sure gives them a lot of scope for experimentation.


# Favourite Mehendi Outfits:

Pockets On Lehengas

Cute no? I think the midi style frocks look super cute, celebrating the young bride. Its fun, fuss free and a brilliant choice for  your mehendi function.


# Groomswear Fashion

Pockets On Lehengas


Some other favourites:

Pockets On Lehengas

Pockets On Lehengas



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