How To Know Which Lehenga Fabric Will Fit Your Budget

by Namrata Nautiyal
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lehenga budget

Ever since a lot of you have been asking me about budget lehengas, my head has been spinning. I am thinking of ways of getting the best at the lowest cost possible. That got me thinking, a lehenga budget is highly determined by the work and the fabric that goes into making the wedding lehenga.

If you set your eyes on a velvet lehenga, that has a different pricing as compared to a modest raw silk or net based lehenga. It’s the minor details, that we often don’t focus on, but can make or break a lehenga choice. Sure, there are other things that come into play too…the designer, the amount of flare, how heavy or light the work is but for this post, we will look into lehenga fabric + work.


# A Net Fabric Lehenga – Starts upwards 10k

lehenga budget


Probably one of the most affordable lehenga looks. You can easily get a bridal lehenga starting 10k upwards going all the way to a cool 50k. Well, that would depend upon the kind of work that goes into it. Usually, one sees a lot of stone work, in pure bling-bling look. So the more bling you ask for, the higher the cost.

The best place to buy net lehengas is in retail stores. I know Mumbai has tons of stores in Thane, Dadar, Matunga having a zillion net lehengas in every budget, every colour. Delhi is more classy and bling. So check out the next options.


# A Raw Silk Lehenga – Starts upwards 20k

lehenga budget


Personally, my favourite go-to wedding lehenga fabric. Raw Silk looks elegant, requires minimal work and still stands out. The beauty about this fabric is that it has a glow of its own, so empty gaps on your lehenga skirt may also look trendy enough bringing the budget down.

Raw Silk Lehengas are used for both light as well as heavy bridal lehengas. A lot of high-end designers use this fabric. Raw Silk comes in various price ranges starting with 150-200 a metre all the way to a cool 900-1000 bucks a metre. This is probably why one can see both expensive and budget friendly lehengas in this range.


# Velvet Lehenga – Starts upwards 25k and can go all the way to 1,2,3, lakhs

lehenga budget


Velvet lehengas are all the rage now. Premium designers like Sabyasachi, Anju Modi etc are all using this exquisite lehenga fabric for their bridal collection. It looks every bit royal as you can hope it to be. Velvet, as it is, has a show of its own. That, when teamed up with zardosi work etc, can really change the whole look of the outfit.

A gorgeous heavy work velvet lehenga from a premium bridal designer costs upwards 1.5 lakhs at the very least. But if you go for first copies etc you might get a decent piece in the 60-70k range.

But if you have a budget of under 35k, fret not. A lot of retail bridal stores also keep velvet lehengas. The only place they compromise is in the flare of the lehenga. You might see a beautiful velvet heavy work lehenga in the less than 35-40k range, but the number of kalis must have been greatly reduced.


# A Georgette Lehenga Set – Starts upwards 35-40k depending on the work

lehenga budget

Anita Dongre

A georgette lehenga is a great idea for those looking to dance and have fun in their wedding lehenga. It’s important to remember that a georgette lehenga will never give a ball gown effect. No matter how much fabric you put in it, it will fall flat. You will have a magical twirl effect because of the sheer amount of fabric, but not while standing.

Therefore, georgette lehengas are perfect for mehendi, sangeet night etc where you want to be casual, yet chic. A lot of designers do beautiful georgette lehengas in gota mirror work, and you can get stunning pastel shades in georgette. They look really good.


# Pure Banarasi Silk Lehenga – Starts upwards 40-50k

lehenga budget

Jayanti Reddy

A normal heavy bridal Banarasi saree starts from 15k onwards. It then makes sense that a pure Banarasi lehenga costs anywhere from 40k upwards to even a lakh. The amount of fabric required for a bridal lehenga is huge, and the cost of the fabric itself can put a dent in your lehenga budget.


# A Princess Tulle Skirt Lehenga – Starts upwards 50k

lehenga budget

Mrunalini Rao

I have seen quite a few premium designers using the tulle skirt for lehenga with heavy work. It looks every bit princess like. Tulle is nothing but the soft net fabric. It’s an advanced version of the regular net. Looks quite stunning, and creates a certain whimsical feel especially when you wear candy or pastel colours.


P.S. Please note that these are starting prices for the lehenga fabrics, and the images shared are outfits which cost much higher.

Featured Image Credits: Dhanika Choksi Photography


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