How To Be A Smart Wedding Outfit Shopper In 3 Easy Steps

by Namrata Nautiyal
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The recent few days have been crazy on Instagram. So many brides asked me to find stores, designer labels having bridal lehengas under 25k. It’s no easy task, for me as a wedding blogger, for the bride, for no one. I get it. It’s almost like a treasure hunt because wedding outfits are just so ridiculously expensive. It’s mind numbing at times, makes me angry too. There has to be one store which keeps what we want, right?

But alas, things don’t work the way we want it to. So, the best thing to do…jugaad. Here are my 3 ways on how you can be a smart wedding outfit shopper without burning a big fat hole in your mum-dads pockets.


#1 Go for Classic Colors, not the fancy-spansy ice blue, sea green etc that no one has heard of

Red, Pinks, Green are classic wedding outfit colours. You can find them in most of the stores easily. the more rare colours you hunt, the more exotic and expensive the outfit gets.

I have seen a lot of cases where you can get yourself a heavier looking lehenga in classic reds and pinks for much lesser than the unusual colour lehengas.

Smart Wedding Outfit Shopper

Shyam Narayan Prasad Bride. Source – WedMeGood

This bride looks so gorgeous in her bright pink orange lehenga by Shyam Narayan Prasad. If you are a budget bride looking for bridal lehengas in the under 30k range, then I highly recommend this designer. I think I have seen this lehenga online, and its discounted price is somewhere under 40k for sure. In fact, I have a feeling this is in the early 30k range. Looks pretty awesome, doesn’t it?


Focus on Jewellery if you’re wearing a solid colour lehenga
Smart Wedding Outfit Shopper


Similar Looking Designer Lehengas:

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Single bold colours look great on brides. In fact, it is one of the trending things this season. Everyone is looking for feather light, fun, fashionable wedding ensembles. If you’re one of them, then going for basic solid colours is a jackpot idea.


#2 Look for those Crazy Discounts. Because they exist !

Chilli Red Gold Embroidered Lehenga Set at Flat 40% off – Original Price: INR 48,400. After Discount – INR 29,040

Astha Narang is one designer favourite for all sisters of the bride, bridesmaids. Basically, your quintessential PreWedding category. But did you know, you can totally get away wearing a beautiful Astha Narang outfit as your wedding day outfit?

These two Bridal Lehengas by Shyam Narayan Prasad are at 50% off !!

In case you find your wedding outfit to be not that heavy, add a double dupatta or accessorize so the eye goes more on that than the lehenga.

Btw, I just found out that Shyam Narayan Prasad lehengas are going up to 70% off from tomorrow until 15th August. You might want to check his site tomorrow for bridal wear.


#3 Choose a PreWedding Looking Outfit as your Wedding Outfit

It’s totally possible. No one can tell the difference if you choose smartly. You are the B-R-I-D-E. Even if you wear a fancy towel on your big day, you will still shine through. Not the way you might like, but you get what I’m saying right. Nothing is going to stop your thunder on that day.

Smart Wedding Outfit Shopper

Akanksha Gajria

I have seen gorgeous full flared pastel lehengas in heavy work under 25k in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. There is a store called Malhotra’s just next to the police station. They have the most beautiful pastel shade lehenga collection. Nowadays, pastel is all the rage, and if you look at some of the designer counterparts, they actually cost a bomb.

If you have a day wedding, then wearing a pastel lehenga with statement jewellery can be an excellent option.


Featured Image: Dream Diaries

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