5 Reasons Why Street Shopping is the Best in South Africa

by Namrata Nautiyal
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street shopping south africa

I have been meaning to write my South Africa tales for so long. It’s been almost two months since I am back, but something or the other keeps me occupied. I just sat down and wrote in big bold letters on my to do list, to start typing about South Africa. You see, I had so many incredible memories from that place, it would be a crime if I didn’t share the pictures with you all.

If any of you all are planning an abroad holiday, I would highly recommend South Africa. Its a beautiful country, less exposed to tourists so you know it has retained its charm. Stunning beaches, country side, and amazing food and shopping…you will love the place if you visit it.

Ok, so now back to the topic. I did some serious shopping, read budget shopping while I was there. In fact, I have said this before, my house pretty much looks like a South African jungle. There is just so much junk we have accumulated from this place, it’s not even funny anymore. But somehow, I always want more from this place. Here’s why:


#1 You get the best of home decor at the least price possible

street shopping south africa

My favorite is definitely picking up tribal masks. They look so good whether you hammer it on a wall, or simply put it up on a showcase. We have now close to 5 masks at home, so I am thinking of doing up a wall with just masks, just so it stays in one corner only. *Husband gone crazy, you know*


#2 You will go souvenir crazy shopping in SA

street shopping south africa

From plates to mugs, salt pepper shaker to absolutely anything, there are so many cutesy things available. It’s a shame that airlines don’t let us carry too much baggage, or I would have pretty much packed it all in. See the video to see more of the souvenirs available.


#3 It’s the perfect place to pick (wedding) gifts for others

street shopping south africa

street shopping south africa

Buying wedding gifts is a pain and it costs a bomb too. While I was (Window) shopping in the streets of Johannesburg I saw so many artifacts which make the perfect wedding gifts. From tribal beaded human figures to gorgeous dinner plates etc, it’s a nice gift for sure.


#4 You will find some of the most stunning statement beaded accessories here

street shopping south africa

street shopping south africa

Remember this choker, its from a sunday street market in Johannesburg

So many of you all loved the choker piece, now you know where I got it from. I have also done a separate post just focussing on that statement jewelry piece, do check it out and let me know what you think.


#5 If you are a wildlife enthusiast, the street shopping is going to make you go bonkers!

Giraffes, zebras, lions and more. The big 5 animals of South Africa are hard to miss at any local store. They are everywhere, and they are the cutest things ever.



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