A Beautiful Art As Your Wedding Outfit? Why Not, It’s Couture Week !

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Beautiful Art

Beautiful art is the first thing that resonated when I laid my eyes upon Varun Bahl’s ICW 2017 collection. His outfits almost looked as though someone has beautifully painted them in all floral happy colours. It instantly takes you back to some exotic summer wedding in Europe.

The collection titled ‘Dream Nouveau‘ is basically derived from the art nouveau period. I totally had to google what that meant. It’s the period between 1890 and 1910 for all those ‘wondering’.

While I didn’t find the outfits to be exactly bridal like, I thought his collection was perfect heirloom pieces to own and pass on to generations. That looked ethereal, timeless beauties.

Straight A Line gowns, the outfits are perfect for brides who want to go for a fuss free look. Clean lines, heavy embroidery yet, look classic. For those of you not aware, Varun Bahl Couture costs a bomb. His designs are outstanding, but you do have to save up in your piggy bank significantly to purchase one of these beauties.


Some of the more Bridal Looking outfits:


What do you think about the collection?

All images: FDCI, Varun Bahl


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