10 Useful Wedding Gift Ideas For The NewlyWeds New Home

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Useful Wedding Gift Ideas

It has been a while since I have written a post on useful Wedding Gift ideas. Gifts of any kind always bring a smile on the receivers face. The wedding is one big fat occasion where the bride and groom basically drown in gifts. But more often than not, we end up getting crap stuff. Let’s be honest, which invariably lands up in some relatives house or re-gifted to other unfortunate couples.

So, if you are invited to somebody’s wedding, somebody that you know will be moving into a new house. Then these 10 useful wedding gift ideas are something that the newly weds are sure to love and use.

Here you go:


#1 Succulents

Useful Wedding Gift Ideas

Ruffled Blog

Why, because I just wrote a post about them just this week, and this entire post basically sang through in my head. I mean come to think about it, in those first few weeks in the new home..really who would think about going to a nursery to buy some greens?

But Succulents are something which adds instant love to any corner of the house, and having some greens in the newlyweds new home doesn’t really sound like a bad idea.


#2 A Vase, because no one in their right mind will voluntarily buy one on their own

Useful Wedding Gift Ideas


Yet, it looks so good. If you have the funds, buy some beautiful artificial flowers to go with it. Gift it to the newly weds so they can put it in a corner and decorate as they please.


#3 Picture Frame(s) with photos, maybe of their PreWedding Shoot?

Useful Wedding Gift Ideas


Everyone shares pre-wedding photos on social media, including the photographer. So it’s not exactly difficult to get your hands on some mushy-mushy photos, frame it nice and big and it will definitely bring a smile on the newlywed’s faces.


#4 Bath Set, the expensive kinds, you know

Useful Wedding Gift Ideas

Love and Found Box

There are some seriously dreamy eyed bath sets and accessories available in fancy stores like home town, fabfurnish etc. While you may not be willing to spend a bomb on any other regular day on something like this, but wouldn’t you be pleased if someone gifts you a gorgeous bath set? You have your answer…


#5 A helpful Cookbook never hurts anyone

Useful Wedding Gift Ideas


Those initial days after marriage, things are a blur and a mess when you haven’t figured out your routine cooking. A nice cookbook then can really be useful and be a fun experience to try out with the better half.


#6 A funky Name Plate

Useful Wedding Gift Ideas


I saw some really cool ones similar to the one in the picture in bright pop colours available in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi for like 800-900 bucks, which is quite decent for a wedding gift budget.


#7 Scented Candles, coz you can never have too many of those

Useful Wedding Gift Ideas

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Even after years and years of marriage, scented candles can just change the mood by 360 degrees. Imagine what t can do to newlyweds.


#8 A playful Tea Kettle Hamper

Useful Wedding Gift Ideas

I recently received a gorgeous tea kettle couple set from LoopyLoveIndia, and that got me thinking…this is a great wedding gift option. Whether it is coffee or tea, everyone loves it and a showy gift like that is surely going to find a place in the newly weds new home.


#9 A Faux Fur Throw, for all those cozy movie nights

Useful Wedding Gift Ideas

Urban Outfitters

Do I have to even give an explanation for this one?


#10 Temporary Art, just to make the home feel a little more homely

Useful Wedding Gift Ideas


If you know the newly weds well, then all you got to do is make a bunch of art and put it up in some frames and gift it out. The bride can then make a gallery wall out of it, or have some quotes etc etc. Just think creatively on this one.


Featured Image Credits: ShopRusticGrace


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Dev Mehta September 4, 2018 - 3:12 pm

This is such a helpful list. Although its always best to stick to the gifts the couple actually want. Help them create a free registry at

[Wedding Wish List] and get them the gifts they need.


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