13 Unique ways of using succulents at your wedding

by Namrata Nautiyal
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I have been obsessed with succulents lately. Living in Gurgaon does have its share of perils. But the one thing good about this place is the vast number of nurseries in and around. I have never been a plant person as such, but after moving here exactly a year back, I am a changed, human. Plants mean the world to me, and succulents have played a huge role in that.

For those of you less aware, succulents are these tiny little plants which come in all colors, and types. They are primarily indoor plants and require minimal water for survival. A.k.a perfect for those busy bees who don’t want to burden themselves with any kind of ‘responsibility’.

But wait, this is not a home decor post, it’s a wedding post. It so happens that there are multiple ways in which you can play around with this beautiful thing.  I am suggesting my top 10 unique ways of using succulents at your wedding

In this post, I am suggesting my top 10 unique ways of using succulents at your wedding. Do try this, your guests will love it.


#1 Wedding Favours


Brit + Co

Indian Brides are moving towards the green eco-friendly way of getting married. What better way to showcase that than giving some greens to your guests at the end of the party.


#2 Centre Piece Decor

You might be spending a bomb through your decorator anyways. Then how about spending on something that can highly be reused, gifted all the while looking stunning and unique.


#3 Flower Crown


Brit + Co

Why to go for fake flowers, when you can DIY a succulent flower crown. Doesn’t this look absolutely amazing?


#4 Cake Decor


Wedding Sparrow

Ok, this may not be something that you as a bride would do, but you can definitely suggest it to your wedding cake designer. If you’re having a rustic green themed wedding, this would blend perfectly with your decor.


#5 Mandap Decor

Ok, this may not be an Indian mandap, but it sure can be. Wouldn’t it look absolutely breathtaking for a beach wedding, eh?


#6 Photo Booth Decor

Just look at how stunning this cupcake stand looks. You can easily DIY this on your own on one weekend with your besties. Double it up as a photo booth prop at your wedding, and guests are sure to get wowed by this.


#7 Terrariums as Wedding Gifts

I personally love the idea of terrariums. Trust me, they are better than keeping gold fish at home. I say this out of experience. They require minimal effort, look great all year long, and survive for much much longer.


#8 Succulents themed Wedding Invitation Card


Beacon Lane Weddings

Remember online invites? You can get these made for absolutely free of cost on the many free online websites for wedding invitation card designs.


#9 Succulent Chair Decor

I love the contrasting ideas of both the pictures above. If you don’t want to go all out and instead want simplicity, then the first hanging chair succulents decor is perfect. On the other hand, adding gorgeous colours to your succulent decor will definitely up the wow factor at your wedding.


#10 Bird Cage Decor

While some might say that bird cages are a thing of the past, I choose to disagree. If you are one to love bird cages, adding succulents to them is an excellent innovative idea. Bonus – I haven’t seen it in any of the Indian Weddings so far, so that’s definitely a unique way of using succulents.


#11 Wedding Initials

Why stop at just wooden initials when you can go a step further and add some living greens to it. It is a time taking task, but just think about it – you can use the emblems later on at your home as well.


#12 Ring Box

Now, isn’t this cute? I personally could never have thought of this idea, but thank god for pinterest. By far, my favourite in this list.


#13 Hanging Decor

Add some colours to your wedding venue by including succulents with loads of floral detailing. It is going to be an expensive affair, but the end result is going to be well worth it.


How much do Succulents cost?

If you are in Delhi NCR, nurseries charge about 80-100 bucks a succulent. If you go for terrariums, they cost a bomb. So wiser to DIY it at home.



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