9 awesome ways to use kaleere in your wedding

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Kaleere are such a rage these days. There is just no ignoring it. They are gold, beautiful hangings that brides wear with their bangles. Oh wait, is that it? Well, not exactly anymore. Indian Weddings these days is all about the customisations, and doing something unique and different. Kaleeres are the latest fad this wedding season.

Its not just the north Indian bride wearing these accessories nowadays, kaleeres are used in a number of ways in wedding decor as well. Mind you, this is not budget decor idea in any case. I was just thinking if there is a jugged possible to use kaleere in bulk. There are just options:

  1. Your wedding decorator should have kaleeres in bulk available with him. Else, he’s going to charge you dearly.
  2. You find a vendor (store) which will rent out bulk order of kaleeres for a day or two.

I say this because, on my recent trips to Lajpat Nagar and Chandni Chowk, I checked out the prices of kaleeres. They start upwards 150-200 all the way to 500-600 bucks. You really need to have deep pockets for this one. Nevertheless, if you do figure out a way, these are the 5 awesome ways of using this amazing accessory in your wedding decor.


#1 Mandap Decor



Isn’t this stunning. You really don’t need exotic flowers to set up a mandap. Cute decor ideas with kaleere are here to save the day. I especially love the little bell hanging from one of the kaleeres. Bells go well with hindu traditions and sends out positive vibes which is so good to see being incorporated in the wedding decor as well.


#2 Photo Booth Station



Instead of buying a bulk of kaleeres, pick out 3-4 statement pieces and accessorise it with other Indian colourful hangings just like in the picture above. That way it cuts through the monotonous decor look, and you save a few bucks too.


#3 Wedding Entrance Decor


This is a good way of establishing the decor theme of your wedding. Rather than putting a lot of elements and doing a complete chaos, show your guests what they will expect once they enter your wedding venue, and what better place to start than the wedding entrance door.


#4 Tree Decor


Happy Flashbacks Photography

Move over fairy lights, kaleere are here to decorate our trees. I am in love with this picture. Isn’t it just out of the world gorgeous. The beautiful colours of orange and pink, mixed with the gold of kaleeres kudos to the photographers for capturing this image in such a stunning manner.


#5 Venue Decor

Why stop at just marigolds when you can add beautiful gold kaleere at the bottom of it. Love this idea captured by Sonder Frames & Prism Lens Photography. If you have a decorator who can pull this off, I would highly recommend going for a decor idea like this.


#6 One for the bridal portrait


Dipak Studios

Pink and gold are colour combinations that will never go wrong. This above picture is the perfect decor idea for mehendi decor. Looks so fresh, young and that pop of colour really looks good, doesn’t it?


#7 Ceiling Hanging


Tania Seth Photography

A chandelier out of kaleeres. Wow ! Who could have thought. But doesn’t this look absolutely magical? Wedding these days are moving towards eco friendly and looking at crystals and leaves being used instead of exotic flowers is such a welcome change.


#8 That thing under which the bride walks

What is that thing called? I was scratching my brains to figure out the word…Just can’t figure it. Chaadar is it? But you get what I am saying right? Its a quirky idea to adopt for your wedding, my favourite in this list.


#9 As your Lehenga latkan


Karan Sidhu Photography

Because, why not?



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