Wedding Outfits | How many do you really need?

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Wedding Outfits

What is that magic number? Is there a magic number at all? Well, it depends who you ask. Wedding outfits is one category we bloggers can just go on and on about, and no matter how much I scrutinise it, there’s still more to it.

My sis in law recently got married, and she stayed in my house for all her wedding shopping. It was two weeks of hell. No offence, I loved all those shopping trips, but no matter how many outfits we bought, there would still be some left at the end of the day. It also didn’t help to see that all we did was pay, and get bills at home because wedding outfits take time to get delivered. So every day we would come home empty handed with a hole in the bank balance. It was not the best feeling to be honest.

My wedding on the other hand was a bit different. I was easy going in a way. For me, I couldn’t really comprehend why I had to buy so much. I was not leaving the planet, I was just going to another home. Why did it have to be this difficult. In the end, I did what I had to do, and bought as less as possible. Result: I went crazy the first few weeks of the wedding. What to wear to this persons house, how to accessorise, traditional or very traditional? Uhhh, honestly I don’t want to even recall it.

So, I thought let me give my two cents on this topic and share the burden with all you brides to be.

Wedding Outfits

If you have any other functions, you may want to include that in the list too. But these are sort of the overall idea of all the must haves leading up to your big day.

I would suggest take a printout of this sheet, and when you go wedding shopping make sure you don’t just end up buying lehengas after lehengas. But also mix it up a bit. So may be one outfit can be a fusion wear, or a gown, and then one saree, and a lehenga and so on. I say that because lehengas can’t be used later no matter what anyone says. After may be using it once or twice, you are never going to look at it again. So why invest that kind of money, huh?


Trousseau needs:

This is the killer one, and let me say this upfront. I am no expert in suggesting anything. But I do come with my fair share of experience, and that’s what I would like to share here with you all.

Wedding Outfits

Keeping a count of how many outfits you need is extremely important if you want to stick to your budget. Make sure you have a good mix of Indian, Western and Indo Western, and all your wedding outfits situation will get taken care of easily.


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