How to plan a wedding under 10 lakhs

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Oh yes, its totally possible.

I had a wedding on a budget. A very similar budget in fact. Lower to be honest. So if I can do it, so can you and I am here to help you plan it. While wedding news is a wonderful thing, the minute it gets fixed, comes the unending long train of tension. Especially for the parents.

How will we do it, where should we spend more money on, where to cut down…What should be the wedding budget?

Today, I am looking at a budget of 10 lakhs. Gold not included before haters come screaming in the comment section. Only because, gold is something people plan from the beginning, I can’t really put a value to it. Luckily these days its easier for us brides, as artificial looks so much better and most importantly, is acceptable in the society.

So, here’s the breakup of how to plan a wedding 10 lakhs.

wedding 10 lakhs

Disclaimer: The idea is not to stick to this exact same budget. Depending upon your requirements, you can allocate more money in one and reduce it from another.


# Photography/Videography – Budget (1.5L)

While you will not get any of the top wedding photographers in this budget, however there are quite a few good ones out there who might fit in the price bracket. The key is to get the best out of the package. So keep candid photo + video and if there is money left, go for the traditional photo & video.

Candid photo pretty much covers the most important people and bits from the wedding. Just ask the photographers to give you the raw images as well, and you will have a ton of pictures with you. Trust me you won’t miss out much on traditional photo.

The only bit where you require traditional photo is capturing reception stage photos when guests come and pose with the bride and groom. That costs roughly around 15k, but if you dig deeper, you might find an agency who will do it for 10k as well.


# Wedding Dress + Other outfits – Budget (60k+90k)

At first it might seem a bit too less. Considering I haven’t really given a different slot to core family outfit budget. But you can fit it in this price range. Here’s how.

wedding 10 lakhs

As a bride, we often take so much pressure about our dream wedding outfits. Even though it is in front of us, we are hell bent on one particular look that we have always imagined ourselves to be in. Happens to the best of us. The trick is to take deep breaths, make a couple of trips checking out different stores, both online and offline and see what looks best on you.

You may just surprise yourself by liking a 40k lehenga more than the 60k options out there. Use the additional cash for some other wedding ideas.

Shyam Narayan Prasad is my new favourite this wedding season. His outfits are in between prewedding and bridal outfits. Not too heavy, yet bridal in their looks, you can totally up the game by accessorising.


# Relatives Gifts/ Wedding Favours – Budget (80k)

Whats included in this 80k budget?

  1. Mehendi Favours 
  2. Wedding Mithaai Boxes/Wedding Favours 
  3. Relatives gifts a.k.a sarees, dress etc etc.

Depending upon the culture this budget can really differ. You might have to spend a bit more or much lesser if return gifts are not that big a thing in your wedding. My personal recommendation, go to a wholesale market, and pick the entire lot of gifts from one particular store. Bigger the bill, hopefully bigger the discount you can score.


# Reception Food + Venue – Budget (3L)

I have taken INR 1000  per plate for 300 guests. With this budget, you can easily get a 4 star hotel banquet or lawn in Delhi or Mumbai. I spent INR 675 on my wedding in the suburbs of Mumbai. I am sure you can manage in 1000 bucks.

There are a lot of online websites giving major deals on venue+food package. Always try and pick those combo deals. It will help you save a lot.


# Invitation Cards – Budget (12k)

For a guest list of 300, you might have to go for say 150 to 200 max invitation cards. With that calculation, you can go all the way to 60 bucks a card. Its a good budget if you shop in wholesale market like Chandni Chowk or Crawford Market.


# Wedding Decoration – Budget (1.45L)

Decorators can charge you through the roof if you don’t negotiate with them. Being in the wedding business now, I have figured out a few things, and one thing that is a workable budget is 1.45lakhs. They will claim otherwise, but try and squeeze out as much as they can provide.

Leaving the vendors decoration aside, there are tons of ideas that you can DIY in your wedding/prewedding decor. Spare some cash for that and you will have a Pinterest worthy decor.


Featured Image Credits: Pooja Joseph Photography

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