Top 11 Awesome ways of capturing your Wedding Shoes

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Wedding Shoes

Off late, I am seeing so many gorgeous Wedding Shoes on social media. Brides these days are really going all out with their wedding footwear along with their outfits. Whether it is matching coloured Wedding Shoes or all glitter heels, the fashion for shoes has truly evolved.

But it doesn’t just stop at shoes. The wedding photography of the footwear too is getting more creative by the day. Looking at all this, I thought let me put down my top 10 awesome ways for you to capture your wedding shoes. Totally bookmark worthy, I promise.


#1 On the grass

The background of lush green grass is a perfect pick for photography. If you want a fuss free no brainer yet awesome wedding footwear picture, this is probably the easiest one to go for.


#2 One with the bride trying on her shoes

I love this shot, as it gives a sneak peak of the brides wedding lehenga along with the focus on the wedding shoes. One doesn’t need to have just one or two wedding footwear shots, you can have a bunch of these different kind of photos on your D-Day.


#3 Show off those heels back to back

If you are going to be standing wearing a 5 inch heel, you might as well show it off. It may so happen that during the wedding functions, one may not be able to focus on your wedding shoes given the wedding outfit style and length. It then makes sense to click a picture like this to post on all your social media.


#4 Place the wedding shoes on top of your wedding lehenga/dupatta

If you have a nice contrast coloured wedding shoes, then placing it on top of your wedding lehenga or dupatta or along side of it will give out beautiful pictures just like the ones above.


#5 Wedding Shoes with the Wedding Ring

Wedding Shoes

Two fireflies one camera

I loved this shot by Priyam Datta from Two Fireflies One Camera. Its simple, yet the shot is so perfect. You must have seen pictures of earrings dangling from the wedding shoes. They look lovely as well. But may be you can try this one too?


#6 Sneak Peek of the Wedding Shoes

This one works on so many levels. You can show off your wedding footwear, when at the same time you can give a sneak peek at your wedding outfit. Just lift up the skirt so the can-can is visible, or just show the border of your wedding lehenga with a sneak peek of your wedding shoes.


#7 Wedding Shoes with jewellery on it

Having jewellery photographed on the wedding shoes is a recent trend and looks amazing. You must have seen those high heels stilettos with the earrings hanging from them. If not, check out Pinterest, there are loads of wedding footwear with jewellery inspiration on it.


#8 Shoes hanging from a pot, or a tree branch

Isn’t this a super cool idea? Along with the on the grass picture, you can also go for this one. Its unique, and looks quite incredible in fact.


#9 One with the bride and grooms footwear together

My favourite by far in this list. Why should the focus just be on the brides shoes. Nowadays grooms are also spending that much time perfecting their look, and it makes so much sense to capture both the couples footwear together.


#10 One hanging from the doorknob

Wedding Shoes

dhanika choksi

Who would have thought of this idea…isn’t it brilliant? Looks so elegant and is a unique way of capturing the wedding shoes. No fuss about background props and locations for this one. Simply find a cupboard or wardrobe with a pair of doorknobs on it.


#11 The no fuss standalone wedding shoe picture

Because why not? You have bought a beautiful wedding shoe for your d-day. Does it really need all the extra props and fanciness to look good? I guess not…


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