Top 10 Most Romantic Places in India

by Rohit Agarwal
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romantic places

There is a plethora of places to visit and enjoy with that one special person after all the candlelight dinners, parks and beaches get a little monotonous. The stunning landscape and cozy moments with each other can get the bonding stronger while deepening the understanding within each other. These trips are the perfect chance to have fun and work on the relationship. Let’s look at those perfect romantic places for lovebirds to have an amazing time.

1. Alleppey

romantic places

A stay in the serene houseboats with the calming water all around, and the huge expanse of greenery spreading its lush touch, makes Alleppey in Kerala the top choice to spend some time alone for couples. With a feeling of timelessness around the region, the stay in this intimate location provides the perfect aura to talk and pour out thoughts to each other.

2. Ladakh

romantic places

For all those couples who need a change from their laid-back outings, the magnificent expanse of Ladakh is a welcome indeed. With a plethora of activities like the famed bike rides, the trekking to the majestic snow-capped mountains and a walk past those azure lakes make the trip to Ladakh an adrenaline rushing bliss which has to be experienced with your other half.

3. Goa

romantic places

Goa is a must visit getaway for every couple wishing to catch up with each other after their hectic schedules. Sunbathing and sloshing away on those beautiful waters, experiencing some great nights at the multitude of nightlife options, snorkeling, surfing or learning to do them together are just some of the plethora of things which can be done together.

4. Srinagar

romantic places

This picturesque location is the best place for couples to enjoy each other’s company.  The lush and beautiful gardens, mesmerizingly white snow, chilly climate and artistic houseboats on the pristine Dal and Nigeen Lake bring out the right ambience for those intimate private moments on their visit to Srinagar. Activities like canoeing and angling can be done together for fun too.

5. Shillong

romantic places

A widely popular hill station, Shillong with its varied splendid locations is one of the most romantic places in the country. With many falls, like the Mawsmai Falls and the Nohalikai Falls to take sensuous dips in, and serene locations like the Shillong Peak and the Umiam Lake, this place lives up to its name of the ‘Scotland of the East’.

6. Coorg

romantic places

This beautiful hill station in the state of Karnataka is the apt place for couples who need a break from the modernistic lifestyle and want to enjoy a lot of private time in the arms of nature. The wide expanse of coffee plantations are one of the major tourist attractions of Coorg, with birds chirping and the majestic falls all add to the perfectly serene environment for some beautiful conversations.

7. Jaisalmer

romantic places

For all those couples who want to actually explore the history of the country and tour around some great architecture, Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is the right place. The wide expansive Thar Desert with its camel rides, campfires and bike safaris is a golden hued beauty to be visited. With some great architectural marvels like the Jaisalmer Fort and scenic lakes like the Gadsisar Lake, thousands of tourists are attracted every year to visit Jaisalmer.

8. Dalhousie

romantic places

This dainty location is perfect for couples to engage in some adventure activities and at the same time de-stress and relax in each other’s arms. Many phenomenal spectacles like the Panch Pulla, Satdhara Falls and the beautiful village of Khajjiar are present in this region to be visited. Activities like rock climbing, rafting, trekking and camping can be done together to enhance the atmosphere of the trip to Khajjiar.

9. Imphal

romantic places

This north-eastern beauty with its splendid aura offers a kaleidoscopic experience for couples to imbibe in. The dense forest and the quaint Loktak Lake provide the perfect romantic mood for some adrenaline rushing love. With tons of options like zoological gardens, zoos and a national park, which attracts honeymooners to visit Imphal every year.

10. Agra

romantic places

The perfect spot which highlights the epitome of love is never to be missed. Being mesmerized in the view of the dazzling Taj Mahal standing high over the lush location, with that one special person is all that is needed for a perfect moment. Strolling around those beautiful gardens with your partner is one to be experienced indeed.

Visiting all these stunning locations is the perfect way to add some spark and ignite the feeling of love between couples.

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