Cutest welcome gift hamper for guests. They will love it!

by Namrata Nautiyal
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welcome gift hamper

Weddings are all about happiness. Happiness for the bride, for the groom, for the families…but what about the guests? Is their only joy supposed to be the food and the party? Well, no. Not in this day and age anywhere. Say hello to the idea of welcome gift hamper.

I know what all you budget brides must be thinking, shucks…more money, more planning. While the planning part of it may be true, but here at Frugal2Fab, I always have my eyes and ears for affordable chic stuff. At least I sincerely try. Weddings are by default expensive, but nowadays the trend is all about creativity, personalised and different.

It might look difficult, but these three terms actually make the work simpler for all of us. How? Well take a look at some of these welcome gift hamper ideas for your wedding guests.

First lets take a look at the must haves !


#1 A nice welcome note

After all, it doesn’t cost much to be nice, right?

How to make this?
  • All you need is a bunch of visiting card paper. Go to a stationary store and ask them for it. That or you can also take regular A4 Size paper, cut it to the size you like, and stick it behind a cardboard sheet.
  • Now, next step is to print the writing. Use MS-Word or any free designing software online, and print your welcome note message.
  • Because of the custom size, you will need some printing help. Either you can ask your wedding invite agent to print out say 50-100 how many ever welcome notes you like, or find out a custom printer person to do it. Both are easily available and the whole thing may cost you under 500 bucks.


#2 A program guide

No, I don’t mean the invitation card. But something a little more fun, with better detailing. You remember the cute program guide of Aditi’s Wedding. Sharing the picture above.

How to make this?
  • The affordable option is to make the program guide on your own. I would suggest using software like Piktochart. Its super simple.
  • Then just use a colour printer to print out the guide. It can be of any size, if its a small rectangle type guide, print out 2 or 3 on a page, and then cut it out.


#3 A bag/basket/pouch/ something to put the things in

If you have the budget to spare, then you can go for custom tote bags which are really cute. But nonetheless, there are far more options.

How to get this?
  • Go to any Archies, or fancy stationary store…nowadays even local stationary stores will work. Remember seeing those fancy matt gift wrapping paper bags, they cost 20-30-50 a bag, use that. Its cheap, easily available and looks fancy too.
  • Or, you can pick up any normal bag and put a tag on it, just like in the picture above, that or you can also tie up your welcome note to it.
  • A basket or a box is something you should sort of avoid, only because it takes up a lot of space. If you have local guests, only then go for this idea.


Now lets take a look at what all you can include inside the welcome hamper.

#4 Some sugary delights

You can add a couple of mithai, cookies or some chocolates, honey, jam, candy or anything that is sugar sweet. After all no wedding is complete without some mu meetha.

The good part about a welcome hamper is that you don’t need to load it up with quantity. A mix of everything will work much better. I know till date,the traditional way is to give out either 1kg mithai with dry fruits, or 1/2 kg ladoos etc etc. Its quite a pain. Costs quite a bit but in the end nobody really consumes that much, and it just goes into the hands of our maids. True story. I am sure you’ll agree.

Here, you can just buy 3-4 big box of chocolates or any other sweet items and just include 3 or 4 per welcome gift hamper. Easy and affordable.


#5 Some savoury items to balance out the sweetness

welcome gift hamper


Dry fruits is what comes to my mind first. That’s the most common of the wedding favours given in Indian Weddings, and normally everyone is happy with it.


#6 Candles

There are lot of flee market shops where you get candles costing 50-100 bucks depending upon the size. You can include one candle per welcome gift hamper. Everyone loves candles, and this is one safe option to have in your hamper.


#7 Fresh Flowers

Depending upon the theme of your wedding, give your wedding guests a taste of what’s to come up next. So if you have a marigold prewedding function, include few marigolds in the welcome gift hamper. You can simply attach them on the outside, or place it in a decorative manner.

Ditto if you have some exotic floral theme going on, just include a single long stemmed flower arrangement with every welcome gift hamper. You can ask your decorator/ florist to help you with this assignment.


#8 Bubbles/Confetti

You can put a small box with confetti inside with a note attached asking them to bring it to the wedding ceremony. That + you can do the same with bubbles.


If its a destination wedding, try including some of these

#9 Souvenirs

Rather than them going around to collect souvenirs from the local stores, how about you including some memento in their welcome gift hamper instead? You can include some fridge magnets, a key ring, luggage tags, bottle openers or local accessories for your bridesmaids, or something special from that particular place.


#10 A cute handkerchief for all those happy tears

welcome gift hamper

The soulmates

One of the leas expensive yet adorable item to include in the welcome gift hamper. You can tie it up with a nice sash and leave a note. Its meaningful, useful and your female guests are going to love it.


#11 Personalised Gift

welcome gift hamper

Easten Events

Nothing is more thoughtful than adding a personalised twist to your welcome gift hamper. It shows how much effort you have taken to make your wedding guests feel special and included in your dream wedding.

If its your girlfriends, you can include nail polish, or jewellery items, whereas for men, you can include cufflinks, playing cards etc. For all the aunty his, you can gift them small bottle of perfume (attar), or a set of bindis etc. Handmade gifts are also a great option to think about.


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