How to pick a location for your PreWedding Photoshoot

by Namrata Nautiyal
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PreWedding Photoshoot is the first major event in any wedding process. It gives out that feeling of I-am-about-to-get-married-soon. There are so many PreWedding Photoshoots shared on the internet on a daily basis, that making a choice of the theme, outfit, location, props is getting more and more difficult every day.

Should we do a casual photoshoot or a vintage themed one? How do I make my photoshoot different than others? What are the new ideas to experiment with for a PreWedding Photoshoot?

If you have also had some of these questions pop in your head at some time, I am here to help you just a little bit. If you check out the blog, there is a lot of options given for PreWedding Photoshoot PropsPreWedding Photoshoot outfits, and also PreWedding Photoshoot location.

PreWedding Photoshoot location

romesh dhamija

Todays post is going to be all about PreWedding Photoshoot location with consideration to budget. Every step of the wedding process, has some level of money involved. Some are expensive choices, some not all that much, and then there are those that are free as well.

So keeping that in mind, here are your options for PreWedding Photoshoot locations, the complete list (at least all that I could think of) in one place. Hope this helps  🙂


For PreWedding Photoshoot location [budget of 15-20k]

#1 The Perfect Location Faridabad

Heard of themed PreWedding Photoshoots? Well, the Perfect Location, Faridabad is an excellent choice if you have a specific theme in mind for your photoshoot. They have a lot of options from European street themes like Tuscany Street, Vineyard, Texan Ranch, Moroccan Fort among many others.

Sure it is expensive, but the backdrops look every bit genuine and takes to a different world all together. In case you were planning to actually fly down to a particular city to get the right kind of PreWedding Photoshoot pictures, then a much mor affordable alternative is to try out this idea.


For a [budget of say 5-10k]

#2 Weekend getaways for PreWedding Photoshoot

Mind you, it all depends on which city you and the groom to be is residing. So for instance if you’re in the Capital, Jaipur or Dehradun side can be a good location for a weekend outing + you get gorgeous pictures clicked. Similarly if you’re in a smaller city, try to have your PreWedding Photoshoot done in some nearby historic location, or a scenic place in and around.

Agra, palaces and forts in Rajasthan, are good choices for a PreWedding Photoshoot. The natural setting requires minimum effort from the couples side, just choose your outfits, get your photographer and go click click in every corner of the property.

Whether you are in east, west, north or south, there are a number of spots in and around every city. So if you’re in Hyderabad or Bangalore, you can think of going to Pondicherry or Nandi Hills. Ditto for eastern cities, you can think of planning a weekend trip to a national park/reserve and click pictures in the wild or you can also try the next option below.


#3 Make the long drive itself a PreWedding Photoshoot

Isn’t that a brilliant idea? Most of the time we have fun on the way so why not take a step further and capture it in our prewedding photos. This photoshoot by Ramit Batra shows exactly why this idea can actually work.


#4 Choose a fancy hotel/resort for the PreWedding Photoshoot

You want a drop dad gorgeous background for your pictures, and you don’t wish to go out of the city, or spend an entire weekend on the photoshoot, then booking a hotel is the next best option. Choose one which is a heritage hotel, or has some great photoshoot locations both inside and outside.


#5 Theme Parks

How about having some actual fun while getting candid shots clicked? More than the bridetobe, I am sure this idea is every groom to be’s best option out there. Normally men get so bored with photoshoots etc, they have absolutely zero patience level to pose, smile and are forced in most cases. So, if you want your man to enjoy the experience as much as you, choosing a theme park can be a good alternative.


And, now for the goody part.

All the [FREE] PreWedding Photoshoot location ideas

#6 Terrace

Because, why not? It has so many advantages on so many levels. They will not be any prying eyes, ok may be some if they can peep…but that’s still better than a full fledged public space. That + you can decorate your terrace with whatever you like, props, decor items etc etc.

Terrace is not only free, you can ask your photographers to take as much time as they need to get all the pictures clicked, with as many outfits and poses you like.


#7 Gardens

The thing about gardens is that you can do a lot of different things with it. Whether you choose a playful day out for your PreWedding Photoshoot or plan out a more traditional Indian romantic theme it all depends on what you want. Just be aware that if the garden or park is not too spread out, you will get a lot of prying eyes and may not be able to click all that many pictures that you like.


#8 On the highway

There are no rules to picking a PreWedding Photoshoot location. Nowadays everyone is looking for something different, something a little hatke than the rest. If you and your spouse to be love driving and long drives, this idea can be a good representation of that.


#9 Historic Monuments

If you are residing in a historically relevant city then no location is superior than doing your PreWedding Photoshoot in a historical place. Try choosing forts, palaces or just some ancient ruins. They look really good in pictures.


#10 Beach

Beaches by definition are romantic, and choosing this as your PreWedding Photoshoot location is an excellent idea. If you know of some isolated beach, or sea shore that is accessible from the city you are residing in, then you should keep this in your consideration set.


#11 Coffee Shop/Restaurant

Nowadays, there are a lot of cute cafes and small cosy artistic restaurants all over the city. Fashion bloggers have totally made these their second homes, and now you can too for your PreWedding Photoshoot. Just keep it casual and get a photographer friend of yours to click candid shots.


#12 Pool Side

If you have a pool in your building, then you can use that as your summer day PreWedding Photoshoot location. The blue waters will make a magical backdrop for your pictures.



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