How to have a colourful summer mehendi ceremony

by Namrata Nautiyal
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colourful summer mehendi ceremony

During a recent shopping trip to Lajpat Nagar for my summer home decor, this post idea crossed my mind. It was a hot afternoon and after aimlessly wandering through one lane after another, I accidentally came across this area which had little shops keeping the cutest, decor items like bird cages, artificial flowers, sequins mats, candles, holders etc etc. The place was magic.

I picked out a few items for my home, and realised that most of the stuff was crazy inexpensive, like seriously super affordable, think under 200-300 bucks kinds. So keeping that in mind, I am here to tell you different ways to have a colourful summer mehendi ceremony. I hope you find it useful.


# Choose a Colour Scheme

First things first, choose a colour scheme for your mehendi function. If your ceremony is in summers, go for bright colours like yellow, orange, pinks. They look super fresh, eye popping and you get gorgeous pictures.

PreWedding functions by definitely are supposed to be fun, playful, frivolous. Its the one event where the bride, groom, the bridal party, everyone gets to have some fun. The right kind of decor makes a huge difference. Its sets the mood the minute you walk into a bright sunshine like decor.

If you don’t want to take the common route, then choose colours like mints, purples and green. You can really play with these colours, and your venue will have a one of a kind theme to it. Do make note that, choosing unique quirky colours comes with its cost. The easily available colours with the decorator are always priced cheaper than the custom requested decor theme colours.

How to plan in minimal budget:

Go with a natural setting. An open place where the backdrop itself is scenic. One can either have it in a garden/lawn or a pool side mehendi party. Accentuate the venue with marigolds and rajnigandhas, they are the most affordable flowers to opt for.

If you are having the function at your residence, or a building terrace or flat, decorating is that much easier. Use colourful dupattas for drapes, and add a whole lot of colourful cushions. It will spruce up the area instantly.


# Have a bunch of Summer Props

No wedding is complete without its fair share of props. There are so many prop ideas out there, you can choose the expensive, affordable, freely available and budget friendly props depending upon your needs.

How to plan in minimal budget:

Lajpat has some gorgeous colourful bird cages in the price range of 50, 100, 150 which can be both used for decor as well as centrepiece table decor art. With that you can also reuse some old kettles lying in your house, spray paint it in bright colours and use it as a statement piece.

You can also add a bunch of colourful antique frames which can be rented out for minimal amounts.


# Decor Details

I loved this prewedding mehendi function photography done by Dhanika Choksi. It was a parrot green themed mehendi ceremony, with parrots as the main focus used as centrepiece decor, and even as a stage backdrop decor. An unusual pick, and it looked so beautiful, so unique.

How to plan in minimal budget:

You can buy kaleeres which are huge this wedding season. They range anywhere between 100 all the way to a good 1000 bucks depending upon the style and design that you pick. Decorators are also keeping these as a decor option, so check with them if they have in bulks that you can rent out.

Paper props/origami can be done DIY. Use a weekend or two with your girls and make a bunch of these and make a Photo Booth section out of it.

Choose a bright colour fabric for your chair and tables, and that itself can be a decor item on its own.


# Outfit Ideas

I feel the bride no matter what should always always be her colourful best. All eyes are on her, and wearing a pop of colour like pinks and purples look amazing for mehendi function. Guests on the other hand – the bridal party that is can choose to wear subtle pastel shade outfits to compliment both the decor and the brides outfit.



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