12 Kitchenware Wedding Gift Ideas That Will Never Go Old

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Kitchenware Wedding Gift Ideas

The Wedding Gift Ideas series started so long back, it was probably the first things I wrote about when I started my blog. The idea behind this series was to put down all the possible gift ideas, whether unique, quirky, done to death, thoughtful, useful, all in one place.

Continuing with the series, I am sharing here with you all 18 Kitchenware Wedding Gift Ideas That Will Never Go Old. Mind you, some of these might feel like, eh what the hell, but every bride and groom start off with their new lives after their wedding, and every single couple needs at least someone to gift them these.

Here you go.


#1 Dinner Set

On a normal day, one might not pick up a quirky item that they need to use on a daily basis. But as a wedding gift, we guests truly have the option to spoil our bride and groom. Gift them something they would never pick on their own. Crockery is expensive, and this could be one item that they can proudly have for design, decor, and a statement item set piece at their new home.


#2 Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are eternal. It makes for the perfect wedding gift. If you are creative enough, there are loads of DIY ideas to spruce up the plain old wine glasses. You can use crystals, laces, glitter or anything else with a glue gun and make a unique set of crockery items for the wedding couple.


#3 Knife Set

You just can’t have enough of these. Whether it is from a usability stand point or a kitchen decor piece, a knife set always comes handy. They make for a good wedding gift, and if you spot a knife set which is unique enough, then you can totally think of gifting this one to the newly wed.


#4 Masala Box Keeper

No, I am not talking about those boring plastic boxes that you get in any convenience store. There are a lot of fancy spice containers available, which look good, and are easy to use as well. I received a similar spice container during my wedding, and quite honestly it was a life saver. Those initial days, I didn’t know the difference betweeen any of the masala’s, having them neatly labelled and easy to view was the best thing I could have got.


#5 Tea Kettle Set

Nowadays, a lot of those Moroccan themed tea cups and kettle sets are available in stores. They are not all that expensive, but look quite stunning. If you know the bride is into Indian decor then, get her a gorgeous colourful tea kettle set. She is going to love it.


#5 Cocktail Shaker

If you are attending a summer wedding soon, you know now what to gift the couple. Cocktail shakers are super fun, with high usability, and if you can find a stunning piece like the pictures above, they will also serve as a conversation starter when guests visit the newly wed.


#6 Kitchen Linen Set

Kitchenware Wedding Gift Ideas


This can be an easy DIY project that you can do for a wedding gift idea. Just go to any local cloth store, and pick up fabric that you like. Quirkier the better. Now buy some pom-pom, lac. Cut it out in different sizes and glue gun stick it all together. It will be a unique one of a kind wedding gift idea.


#7 His & Her Aprons

Who wouldn’t love to get a super cute aprons such as these. They are fun, playful and make the kitchen work a lot more enjoyable than it is.


#8 Fancy Cheese Knives

Cutesy alert. I wish I knew of some Indian websites or stores which kept stuff like these, but couldn’t find any. If you have any idea do let me know in the comments section. This is by far my favourite items for wedding gifts in this post. Do you like it as much?


#9 Grill Set

Kitchenware Wedding Gift Ideas

country living

If you know the couple loves cooking, then buying them their very own grill set is a great gifting idea. Now even in small spaces, one can have a mini grill set. This can come handy then.


#10 Baking Container

Kitchenware Wedding Gift Ideas

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If either of the bride or groom having a baking bug, then nothing makes for a better gift that baking containers. You have so many options in this, be it a cupcake stand, or baking essentials, cook books etc etc. It all depends on how well do you know the bride and groom, and knowing their tastes.


#11 Serving Spoons

Serving spoons have great usability and would look amazing with some fancy crocked in formal dinners. You can also think of buying this if you’re travelling abroad and pick out different fancy serving spoons for gifting purpose. My husband recently came back from South Africa and he got these super cute giraffe serving spoons. I just fell in love. Just imagine, if you gift something like that to a bride. She is going to squeal with joy.


#12 Wine Glass/Bottle Holder

I have seen some beautiful wine racks, and holders in home shops even online for that matter. If you have the budget, or are pooling in with few other friends, a wine bottle with a rack would make for the perfect wedding gift.




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