How to create a stylish, special, and memorable Wedding without breaking the bank

by Charles Goodwin
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memorable wedding

Every couple dreams about having a unique, stylish and memorable wedding ceremony. But as you may already know, organizing a wedding is expensive. This happens when you don’t have a plan and budget clearly laid out. Often times, couples end up spending with 30% more than they had initially anticipated when planning their most important event of their lives. Booking the best venue, searching for the best band with the best music, hunting for the most delicious catering company, and a lot more, can be never-wracking.  The good news is there are smart hacks you can use to have a beautiful ceremony without breaking the bank.

memorable wedding


Swedish buffet instead of catering 

Catering services may seem like a way to make sure your guests are well taken care of. But most companies have insane price packages for weddings. A smarter option is to have a Swedish buffet. Ask for help from your family and friends, and set up the best “food nook”. Start by serving cold appetizers, and as the party unfolds in the evening, move on to cooked foods. Keep the menu simple but sophisticated. Make sure the buffet is equipped with everything necessary to make sure your guests love the food, including spices, special sauces, cutlery, plates, etc.

Reorganize the guest list 

You might be tempted to invite everyone at your wedding, including friends you barely speak with in an attempt to have the biggest, brightest memorable wedding party. But don’t forget that menus cost money, not to mention that the bigger the crowd the bigger the venue; why should you pay for ballroom when your closest friends are barely 50? Reduce the guest list dramatically, and thus you’ll also reduce costs.

Be smart when buying the dress 

Try not to lose your head over the most expensive dress you see in a window shop at the mall. It’s very important that you purchase the dress you love the most, but stick to the budget. There’s no point in spending $10,000 on a wedding gown, and then end up in debt. Remember: it’s a dress you’ll never wear again. A smart solution is to rent one, or buy a second-hand dress and modify it to match with your fashion style.

memorable wedding



Rather than end up with a carnival rather than a wedding, it’s best to prioritize. Less in more, even when it comes to a wedding. Do you want focus on flower arrangements and venue décor, or do you want all eyes to be on the table design? Make your pick. It’s ok to incorporate one or two expensive elements into your weddings, but if you want to stick to the budget, don’t go over the top.


Music bands at weddings are overly expensive. On top of that, not all guests will like the genre you’ve picked. To make sure everyone is entertained, a smarter move would be to hire a DJ. Or if you have a friend that knows about music, ask him to entertain the crowd. Have a conversation with your guests with at least 2 months ahead, and ask them if they have any music preferences. Make a pool on Facebook, and see how it goes.

Wedding venue 

Most couples want to have their wedding party in the most beautiful ballroom in town. But do you actually think that’s a good idea? Apart from the fact that such lavish venues are booked with 1 year in advance, they’re extremely expensive, too. Go frugal, and have your wedding someplace outside. Or, you can rent a villa someplace in the mountains. There are beautiful Suffolk holiday cottages everywhere, meaning that you have plenty of options available to make your pick. Choose a venue with a rustic allure, and add a touch of glam and novelty if you’d like; but do it smart.

memorable wedding

Organising a memorable wedding with a budget in mind, and sticking to that budget is a lot more difficult than meets the eye. But it’s not something impossible to attain. The secret is to know your priorities. Focus on making your guests feels special, and make a compromise. Why overspend when you can have the wedding of your dreams and not break the bank?

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