Aditi + Krishna – A traditional TamBrahm Wedding

by Namrata Nautiyal

Who are these two?

Aditi happens to be a very close friend of mine. She recently got married in Mumbai in a traditional tam-brahm wedding. I was of course *eyes rolling* invited, but because I am in Gurugram (uuhhh) I couldn’t attend the wedding. You might remember Aditi from the earlier post I had written about her cute Indian cartoon Wedding Invitation Card.

I got in touch with her immediately after receiving the card, and I knew I wanted to cover her wedding on the blog. This is the first real wedding (after mine) being featured on Frugal2Fab so I am super duper *excitedddddd*

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Aditi Krishna story:

Aditi Krishna

In Aditi’s own words:

Krishna and I met on the shop floor of his company. I was the interpreter for a French client visiting his company. I overheard him speak Tamil to someone when I first met him. My ears shot up as at the time we were in Talegaon amidst Maharashtrians.

Since both of us were new to Pune, we decided to hang out outside of work. It was a stroke of luck for both of us as you normally don’t find anyone you could consider spending the rest of your life with and thus began our story…


Wedding Outfit Details:

Wedding shopping was done in Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu.

  • Nine yard sareeI chose a maroon traditional pure kancheepuram saree which was hand woven, pure silk having a bottle green piping below the golden border giving it a nice contrast. Cost: Under 20k, and took two months for the store to prepare it. You can order a similar saree from Shardambal Silks, in Chembur Mumbai.
  • Yellow Saree: Bought from Hyderabad, costing under 30k.
  • Orange Saree: Bought from Sundari Silks for under 10k. Sundar Silks does not repeat any sarees, so every piece you buy from them is a unique saree. That + simple cotton mix silk sarees for the bridesmaids cost just ₹800!
  • The remaining three sarees – orange, bottle green and purple were bought in Chennai and Kancheepuram. Purple is the heaviest followed by olive green costing ₹25k and ₹15k respectively.
  • Wedding Reception Outfit: Kalki, costing under 20k.


Minimal Expenses on the Decor

The venue in itself is aesthetically pretty! So we spent minimum on the decoration. Had minimum floral decorations and just the basics for the muhurath. The hall had tie ups with the florist and hall decorators. So we had to go ahead with the ones on their panel.


Wedding Venue: Wisteria Ballroom, Lavender Bough, Ghatkopar, Mumbai

My most favourite memories of my wedding was my time with the bridesmaids. I particularly remember that one time when my uncle was to fetch me and take me to Krishna (it was one of the ritual before the oonjal ceremony), my friends and I had a fit of laughter, so much that my make up artist had to redo a part of my makeup !

It was all the more special as my friends ensured that they made it to the wedding despite the horrible weather conditions due to which quite a few flights had got cancelled!


Note worthy Vendors:

South Indian MakeUp Artist: Lakshmi Mahadevan. Tel: 9004610300. Totally satisfied with her work, she charged 14k for four events !

The candid photographer cancelled last minute because of some unforeseen circumstances.! So the bride had to make do with the traditional photography only. Luckily though, the pictures turned out to be pretty great.

Editors Note: All you brides out there, please double check with your photographer if he has a back up plan of subsitutes in case of any kind of emergencies.


Some more pictures from the wedding:


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Neelam S Iyer November 6, 2019 - 10:21 am

I wanted to know who designed the wedding board and how to print one such?


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