Indian Wedding Program Invitation Card Ideas

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Indian Wedding Program Invitation Card

I guess by now, you all might have seen Aditi’s adorable cartoon wedding invitation card that I had featured on the blog. The one thing that attracted me to her card the most was the Indian Wedding Program Invitation Card page. She had in detail put down step by step all the key events and rituals that were to happen on her big day, and instead of a basic sangeet, wedding, reception timing only, she decided to add a little bit more information in that page.

Indian Wedding Program Invitation Card

Let me ask you this. How many times has the following happened to you:

  1. You go to a wedding, and you are clueless of the little rituals and traditions taking place around you.
  2. Then, you are at the wedding house from morning to evening, and are completely lost about what to do the whole day…or where to be.
  3. You are bored, and you are completely unaware of when is the next big function.

Sure, we all have some idea about the major function names and timings like sangeet, mehendi, the main pheras etc, but wouldn’t it be cool if you had a pamphlet/leaflet stating a little bit more than just that? It makes all the more a difference when you are a south indian attending a north indian wedding, or vice versa. There are so many cultural tit bits that we miss out on, just because we are not well informed about it.

But first things first,


What is a Wedding Program Invitation Card?

Also known at Wedding Guide/Wedding Itinerary/Wedding Program is a sheet of paper which gives an idea to your wedding guests about the wedding event details.

A lot of couples these days are choosing innovative ideas to showcase in their Indian Wedding Program Invitation Card. Some are writing quirky love stories, some fun facts and along with that slipping key wedding related informations.


What can be included in a Indian Wedding Program Invitation Card?

  • Wedding Details – All the small and big rituals, with details about its significance, the bride and grooms roles etc etc.
  • Story of the bride and groom – how they met, fun facts etc
  • All the wedding planning hiccups the bride and groom went to plan for this day
  • Bride and Grooms family chart – who is who at the wedding


Does the Wedding Program need to be sent out with the Wedding Invitation Card?

No. This is a new trend which has come up and if you’re loving this, you can decide to share the wedding program in many different ways. The cartoon wedding invitation card programs are my personal favourite. They look super adorable especially the Indian dulha dulhan cartoons. Try and see if you can get those for your card.

  • Through whatsapp/facebook
  • As a supplement sheet folded inside your traditional wedding invitation card
  • At the wedding entrance for guests to pick up
  • On the chairs at your reception or wedding venue
  • You could also get someone to distribute it at all your wedding functions
  • Be crafty, and make a custom fan wedding program. Perfect for summer weddings


How to make a Indian Wedding Program Invitation Card?

Well, its simple. Use some free tools like Piktochart and Picmonkey, get creative and choose your designs and wordings. Get it printed at any local xerox store. Punch a hole in every paper and tie a cute coloured ribbon around it, and you’re pretty much done.

I recommend Piktochart & Picmonkey because I swear by these two websites. They have tons of customisations and cute characters to work with. They are really simple to use too.


Image Source: Etsy


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