Would you rather? Decorator vs. Caterer !

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Decorator vs Caterer

When it comes to big spendings, its always a dilemma. Where to cut money, where to put more money. The struggle is real whether you have a 5 lakh wedding budget or a 50 lakh budget. There are ton of choices we have these days. But in the end we all have to prioritise.

I started this new segment of what would you rather spend on last week or so. The first post was the choice between photographer and your wedding lehenga. Its all the more significant to those of us who are struggling with the wedding budget. I know I had a tough time deciding what to spend more on.

Food is the most important. Guests remember only about the food two weeks after the wedding. That’s not true. Have you seen some of the wedding decors these days. Its straight out of a fairytale…..

But they cost a bomb too, right?

No decorator goes below 1 lakh for a evening wedding reception party. Its absolutely bizarre their prices. They have most of the things in house, but they will still charge you a big big amount. That + all those pinterest worthy wedding decor, don’t even get me started on those…they might be costing more than a car for sure !

Food on the other hand, we still have some room to work with. There are so many vendors out there who do a combo deal, just like Pizza Hut. 500 guests or more pe venue charges waived off. Again, this happened with me. I decided to invite 500 guests.  🙄

For others, depending upon the catering brand they put a price…just like fine dining. I recently attended a “big fat” wedding in Dehradun, and the per plate cost was 1200 bucks ! I was like that’s crazy. Its not even a metro city. But apparently these days that’s the kind of prices one has to pay up.

Are you also going through a similar problem?

Wedding sometimes is a misery, which I can go on and on about, but coming back to the topic…lets see all the pros and cons between the two, and let me know who is more important for you.

Decorator vs Caterer


What would be your choice? 


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