12 ways to use Fairy Lights in your Wedding Decor

by Namrata Nautiyal
Fairy Lights Wedding Decor

I am a big believer of all things romance, and the one prop that instantly pops in the head is fairy lights. They look so beautiful be it in any decor form, and make for the perfect props for wedding decor.

What I love about fairy lights is that its such a festive look to have, and is super easy to work with. The best part – its reusability. No matter how many rolls of fairy lights you own, you can always find a corner of your house or some place to decorate using this.

Lets check out some awesome ways in which you can decorate your wedding or prewedding venue using fairy lights.


Fairy Lights Wedding Decor Ideas

#1 Table Centrepiece Decor

Fairy Lights Wedding Decor

wedding bee

Nowadays you get these gorgeous LED lights easily available in local stores. They are battery run. You can put it in a jar or a lantern and use it with some candles and floral centrepiece decor.

They look absolutely stunning, and all your Pinterest worthy wedding looks are inspired using these lights.


#2 Wedding Entrance Decor

Getting the wedding entrance all dolled up is super important as its the first impression of your wedding venue. The minute guests walk in, it gives them a feel of what to expect inside. Its almost like setting the stage for the real show. There are so many awesome ideas you can go for from decorating your wedding signboards, hashtags, ladder props with fairy lights and more. Scroll down to see more inspiration of what you can do with this amazing prop.


#3 As a blurred backdrop for photoshoot

How stunning are these images? Photographers can do magic if given the right kind of backdrops, and using fairy lights is a genius way of doing so. Check with your wedding photographer on how he could incorporate your photos with fairy lights in the background. You will find some amazing shots for sure.


#4 To decorate Props

Whether you are using an old rustic ladder or some antique frames as your wedding and prewedding props, hanging a few lights around the area can make a humongous difference to your decor.


#5 Tree Decor

Decorating the trees is a timeless traditional Indian wedding thing to do. While it looks stunning as is, you can also take some inspiration from the above pics to up your decor statement.


#6 Mandap Decor

Fairy Lights Wedding Decor

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Venue and decorator is anyways going to charge you for the generator set. Whether you use less lights or more, that doesn’t really make that much of a difference. If you want a fairy light princess themed wedding, then you can also think about decorating the drapes on your mandap.


# Fairy Lights curtain wall


#7 Photo Booth Decor

What I love about photo booths are that they are one corner of the venue that everyone loves to come and click pictures in. Be it bridesmaids, sister of the bride or friends and family members, every one wants either a selfie or a groupie. Make your photo booth stand out by using fairy lights to decorate the area.


#8 For Bridal & Couple Portraits

There are so many gorgeous shots with fairy lights in the background. Lights as it is help in bringing out the best in any portrait photo, and using fairy lights just makes it a whole lot better.


#9 A roof of fairy light stars

How amazing does this look. Can you imagine having a starry wedding venue. Absolutely breathtaking isn’t it? Make sure you get the wedding photographer to take an aerial shot of the venue if you are going for this kind of a decor.


#10 Centrestage Backdrop

Can’t decide what stage look should be like. Too confused whether to go for drapes, exotic flowers, designs etc etc. For whichever shortlisted designs, just add a bit of fairy lights to the background and see the magic unfold.


#11 Drapes Decor


#12 Reception seating area decor





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