How to plan a Budget Mehendi function under 10k

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Its your once in a lifetime wedding, your dream wedding to be honest, and everyone else is having multiple prewedding functions, the usual shaadi shor-sharaaba, you want it too. But your budget is holding you back. Well, now it doesn’t have to.

While on the internet and in pictures, prewedding functions, the decor, the props might look like a heavy investment to you, I am here to help you with a Budget Mehendi function which can be planned for 10k. Lets get started:

Budget Mehendi function 10k

#1 Brides Outfit

It may look as though these are all unreasonable price points. But its actually not. Mehendi is an event where 90% chance is that you as a bride to be are going to mess up your outfit. The best thing to do is to DIY your mehendi outfit.

Get the fabric and get it stitched !

There are ton of outfit styles that you can go for, crop top lehenga skirt, kurta lehenga, or even a salwar suit. Focus on bright colours and prints. Just to give you an idea that it is possible to have a DIY outfit under 2k, my mehendi outfit cost me less than 1500 bucks. Back in 2015, floral lehengas were the thing, and I got this raw silk mehendi outfit home stitched.

Go to wholesale markets like Lajpat Nagar, Crawford Market etc. You can find similar markets in your city as well. Pick up the raw materials. These days brocade silk, mirror work and chanderi are in trend. They are really inexpensive like 150-200 bucks a meter. If you are making a suit, you will need 2 meters, if you’re stitching a lehenga you will need 3-4 meters.

Tip: Buy some pretty laces, borders, latkans to make the outfit look rich. Invest on a heavy dupatta that can be used later as well.


#2 Bridal Mehendi

Budget Mehendi function 10k

There are so many fancy mehendi designs which do not go all the way up to a brides shoulders, or till the knee. Choose a design that’s fun, in trend and it doesn’t have to be the traditional bridal mehendi. If you opt for that, its going to cost you a minimum of 5,000 bucks.

Pick a few designs for the siders mehendi, keep a budget of 50 bucks a person, again possible. Normally guests just want to feel included in the function, it doesn’t necessarily have to be two full hands mehendi. Keep it simple and tell the mehendi artist to have pictures available for guests to choose their design.

Tip: Pick a design, and ask for the price. Do yourself a favour and don’t utter the word ‘b-r-i-d-a-l’ !!! You will thank me later.


#3 Venue

Mehendi traditionally happens in the brides house, but if you have a big guest list that you’d like to invite to your mehendi function, try and find a venue that you may have access to free of cost. It could be your building club house, turn the mehendi function into an evening terrace party or check out if you know someone close who has an empty flat.

There are tons of possibilities if you try for it. The idea is to cut down the costs as much as possible. If you go for paid venue options, that will just eat away from your budget a big chunk. Try to find alternatives.


#4 Mehendi Favors

Budget Mehendi function 10k

Mehendi favours don’t have to be that expensive, choose small items and make a potli out of it. Use cute ribbons and stickers to give it that oomph and your mehendi favours will shine through your party. Check out these 30 budget friendly mehendi favour ideas that you can bookmark for your event.


#5 Food

Try and keep your prewedding mehendi function in off hours meaning no lunch, no dinner. Keep snacks and fun appetisers. I know the costing seems a bit too impossible to manage, but you can move a few things here and there if you want to spend on a lavish spread at your event.

In most cases, women with their mehendi hands hardly manage to eat a full plate food, so instead focus on drinks and small eats which would be easy for them to have and also easy for you to afford.


#6 Props

This is the most fun part of planning any prewedding function. The minute you add a Photo Booth section, or add some funky props, it instantly lights up any decor and brings the whole party to life. Here’s the thing. You don’t need to spend a bomb on buying these expensive props.

Budget Mehendi function 10k

Here are few prop ideas that can change the whole mehendi function game.

Tip: Use colourful dupattas, frames, borrow your building ladder, and may be throw in a few inflated balloons. Now add some colourful cushions and use some fairy lights. Make some signboards with the usual dulhan, dulhaniya, ten bride, etc etc and add some mehendi decor items like bangles, parandi, etc.


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