5 Types of Out-of-the-Box Wedding Photography Ideas You Have to Try

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wedding photography ideas

In the last few years,we have seen a drastic advancement in the field of the photography. Even though we have gone from black and white to HD photography, the photography style still remains the same during weddings. Same old bride and groom pose in every couple’s pre-wedding shoot and wedding album. I am sure you have seen it all and would like to change the scenario for good. If yes, then allow us to expand and fulfill your quest.


Firstly, choose a quality photographer who can cater to your creativity and add his own to create out-of-the-world picture series for your wedding album. Secondly, discuss and decide the must-have wedding photographs in your to-be-one-of-a-kind wedding album. To help you out,here are few amazing shots clicked by some of the creative couples and photographers worldwide who have inspired many to go out-of-the-box and expand the imagination. 


#1 Mug Shots

Ever wondered how badass your wedding mugshots would look? Surprised that people actually try it? Yes, people are trying it and loving it at the same time. The trend is catching on; so, you cant stay back in the race. You can get a little creative with your mugshots and shoot a couple-mugshot or have a mugshot collage with your bridesmaids/groomsmen/family. These shots are sure to make you giggle years later, but it’s worth the try.

wedding photography ideas


#2 Optical Illusion

Images challenging human optical senses is the best way to mess up with your guests’ minds. Discuss with your photographer beforehand whether or not he can capture mind boggling photographs as it requires a lot of study and preparation to capture one such effective photograph. Play with the perspectives, research online, go through youtube tutorials if you want to recreate any image for your wedding album and be ready to be amazed. You wont regret the efforts, that’s for sure!

#3 Star Wars

Been a Star Wars fan for life and imagined your world around it? Now you have got one more reason to stick to your Star Wars fandom. Grab your sabers and off you go into the world where you truly belong!!! Take your photographer with you and let the imagination run wild. Experiment with the people, props, photo storyline, characters, landscapes, effects, etc. These pictures are your saviour.


#4 Photobomb

Any person or animal unintentionally sneaking into the photo frame is termed as a photobomb and the images taken thereby result into giggles. Whilst there are innumerable couples and photographs who have Photobombs ve had photobombs in their otherwise normal pictures, why not add in your own intentional photobombs in yours. Add in the fun factor in the midst of your special album with series of unique photobombed photographs and watch how people go from “awww” to “LOL”.

wedding photography ideas


#5 Movie Posters

When you are a movie junkie, you know the influence it has on your life. You eat,walk,talk,think and live like your favourite character. Just imagine if you could be the part of that movie and the character? Remaking a movie poster or a scene will enhance your wedding album and you will have it by your heart forever and ever. If you are not a fan of specific movie but movies in general, then you can opt for remakes of multiple movies. Add drama to your life.

So,what do you think? Aren’t these out-of-the-mind and out-of-the-world shots worth going for? If you want to dig in for more Photography styles, then make the internet your friend and you will come across crazier stuff which you never would have imagined doing before. As said, nothing is impossible. So,if you have something in your mind for a long time regarding wedding photography, dont scratch your head for too long and get working with your photographer.The results are going to amaze everyone around you. Leaving them intrigued, rejoice in the family spotlight for a pretty long time as a unique couple. Let us know if you have done a out-of-the-norms photoshoot or are planning to do it in the near future.


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