Would you rather? Wedding Lehenga vs. Photographer !

by Namrata Nautiyal
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wedding lehenga vs photographer

I thought of this topic yesterday in my sleep. Seriously. My head was talking to itself a zillion thoughts, and after watching one episode of Ellen Degeneres segment of who would you rather, my mind decided to play a similar game of what would you rather choose.

Unfortunately, I was stuck with my very first choice. Wedding Lehenga vs. Photographer. I have struggled with this thought since my wedding days. Both are big budget items, I call it items because that is how I look at it when thinking about the universe of wedding budget. There are zillion things to consider and allocate money to and these two items take a big big chunk from that pie.

The dilemma of these two options are that they both solely affect the bride. Lets face it, as harsh as it may sound the groom is least concerned, the family just wants the wedding to go off well. Period. Nobody except for the bride really bothers about this. No one.

So it automatically puts that much more pressure on a bride-to-be especially if she is a budget bride. I faced the exact similar situation and quite honestly I felt helpless. I wanted to keep my lehenga budget under 30k and probably find a wedding photographer for around 50k.

Impossible. Haww. How can you even think of such a small figure. Sangeet lehengas cost in the range of 30k + No photographer will even blink twice before cutting the call on your face.

Said my friends, family, and most importantly this is exactly what happened when I reached out to vendors. Don’t get me wrong, I understand its a lot of effort both in making beautiful lehengas and doing a fabulous wedding photography job. But my god this much?!! People talk about lakhs as though it is some chintar-pintar amount. I was baffled.

I want to get married. Once. I want to look good. OH, and I want good pictures to preserve my memories. Is that too much to ask?!

I get if you’re a high end designer who is really good at their craft, you have every right to charge exorbitant amounts. But what is with other vendors picking up from their price point. If the best charges that much, let us charge 20% lower and make that the bare minimum starting range.

The whole market is so screwed that if you don’t end up paying a certain amount, the work that you get is really really bad for the budget price paid.

I was lucky to find a wedding lehenga that I fell in love with. The important bit – fell in love with, not settled – love. Something we all have to compromise at some level. But photographer I was just not lucky. I spent 8 months, no kidding…made one long excel sheet with around 60 or so vendors that I reached out to, and couldn’t find anything that was remotely workable.

I can just go on and on about the misery of being in that situation but coming back to the topic….what do we do ?!

wedding lehenga vs photographer

I chose my wedding lehenga over the wedding photographer. Looking back, and even now given an option…its always going to be the wedding lehenga for me. But that’s just me.

What about you?

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new segment of what would you rather spend on last week or so. The first post was the choice between photographer and your wedding lehenga. Its all the more significant to those of us who are struggling with the wedding budget.


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