8 reasons for you to choose Alwar as your PreWedding Photoshoot Destination

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Alwar PreWedding Photoshoot Destination

Me and my husband, we completed one year of marriage bliss in December last year. We decided, we’ll do something fun to ring in the celebrations and so started our vacation. We didn’t want to do a one destination stop and be done with it, but instead wanted a series of fun travel destinations. If you follow me on MissNautiTales Instagram, you would know what I’m talking about.

Alwar was honestly an impromptu travel destination that was literally a last minute decision. One of our friends was visiting us, and we wanted to head out for a weekend getaway. Alwar happens to be one of the closest weekend getaway destinations from NCR. Its hardly a 2.5 hour drive from the city, and the place is truly truly magical.

Alwar PreWedding Photoshoot Destination

Its not all that popular tourist spot I guess, but that’s what makes it so perfect. We spent two nights in the small city, and I was so in love with the place. Its not many occasions that I get to go all click-click-click and pose & pose with my hubby, we just have to make do with the selfie stick, but this time around…we had a friend who clicked so many fun pictures for us, it just made the trip so much more memorable.

Looking back now, I suddenly realized that Alwar makes for a stunning location for a prewedding photoshoot. I got a few messages from photographers as well asking me about the place, and if you are a bridey planning a photoshoot, you really should check out this place. Here’s why !

#1 Not at all crowded

This is what made me the happiest. When we entered the palace gates, I almost thought this is one ignored abandoned palace. There was no one in sight. We had gone on long weekend, and seeing such emptiness came as quite a surprise. Luckily for me, I could do all my cheesy poses for the camera without too many prying eyes around.


#2 Easy proximity to the city

What I love about Alwar is that you can pretty much make this as a single day trip and be back home before midnight. Its not all that far and you just have to think it as Noida to Gurgaon travel time. But if you are planning a trip to Alwar, I would highly recommend you to spend a night in the city, and really soak in everything it has to offer.


#3 Great photoshoot locations inside one palace

The city palace is probably the top attraction in the small city that is Alwar. In that one palace, it is divided in two parts, where the palace is what you see in front, and the back door leads to Moosi Rani ki Chharti which is the queens palace. Both are gorgeous locations, and have stunning corners for amazing shots. I am telling you’ll, your photographer is going to love this location. Just try it.


#4 Best alternative to Amer Fort in Jaipur

Remember that one time when I suggested to go for a prewedding photoshoot to Amer Fort? While there is no doubt that Amer is stunning, it does come with its set of flaws, mainly that is is one crowded tourist spot. If you want that one shot with nobody in the background, its almost a close to impossible task.

In Alwar’s case, privacy is a given. I went on a busy weekend and I didn’t see that many a soul, so you can imagine the kind of traffic the place attracts.


#5 No restrictions on photography

The camera policy is pretty lenient. The only place the authorities said we can’t click pictures is in the museum. But anywhere in the premises, its all good. No extra charges for fancy DSLRs also.


#6 Palace, Lakes, Pond, and a national reserve all in one place

Alwar is not just about the city palace. There is also Siliserh Lake (which I spoke about in my earlier post) which is a close distance away from the palace, and then there is Sariska, which is a tiger reserve. We went on an open jeep in Sariska safari, and if you have the will to do it…I am sure your photographer can take some pictures of you in the wild. Its quite an experience.


#7 Perfect for a Indian look pre-wedding photoshoot

Palaces generally give out that royal feel and nothing is more royal that going all out in Indian attire for the photoshoot. When I stepped into the palace, that was my only regret. How I wish I was wearing a long flowy skirt that I could twirl in, I really feel like going back just to do that. Don’t have the same regret. Carry some Indian clothes, and given the private location, you will easily find a spot to quickly change into your Indian attire.


#8 Its one of the least photographed destinations

I am a stalker for all things weddings. Whether it is lehenga pictures, following wedding blogs or finding that jugaad for having a fancy wedding on a budget…I sleep eat talk weddings. Having said that, I haven’t seen any wedding related photoshoot on the internet done in Alwar. There is just one couple’s shoot that I could find on the internet. That’s how rare and unexplored this place is.



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Chitra Pandey May 27, 2019 - 12:00 pm

Wonderful shots. I would love to visit this place.Nice place with awesome pictures.


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