A day out in SiliSerh Lake, Alwar Rajasthan

by Namrata Nautiyal
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SiliSerh Lake

Unplanned trips sometimes turn out to be the best ones. One of the perks of living in NCR is the easy accessibility to many weekend getaways. Winter has been so good this year round, that last friday evening we just decided to head out to some place for the weekend. Alwar, Rajasthan was the first thing on google that came up…and we thought lets do it.


Distance from Gurgaon

A mere 144kms a.k.a roughly less than 3 hours driving time. Perfect.


We quickly browsed through travel sites to book hotels, and it turned out most of the good ones were all sold out. Nevertheless, we did manage to get through one hotel which seemed ok for a one day stayover. Cost? 70% on Amex card = roughly 700 bucks a room. Awesomely frugal isn’t it?

We halted the previous night in Alwar, and woke up around 4 am to visit the Sariska Tiger Reserve early morning. The first ride was scheduled at 7am, and my goodness, was it bone chillingly cold that day. Luckily we had gone prepared for the weather, but open jeep ride meant nothing could make us feel warm and cosy.

We got done at Sariska by 10:30 am, had a quick yum breakfast in the facility, and headed straight to SiliSerh Lake. Located just at a distance of 40 mins from Sariska, the road to SiliSerh Lake was beautiful. If somebody had not told me I’m in Rajasthan, no way would I have found out. Lush green forests on both sides, with the Aravali mountains in the background, the view was stunning.


We reached the gates of SiliSerh Lake at around noon sometime. From the outside, one really can’t see the lake palace, as its another 5-10 mins drive from there. Initially we thought the lake was just a small thing, and we could just click pictures and be done with it.


Entry Fee

100 bucks a person which includes a tea/coffee/cold drink.

The road towards the palace is on an elevated road with Aravali mountains on all sides. Its a picture perfect location. Thankfully, its not that known I guess, because there was hardly a crowd there. Fortunately, we decided lets just go inside and check out what’s out there.

We parked our cars, got out and were welcomed with a fresh crisp air that felt so good coming from a polluted place like Gurgaon. We just went wow! The temperature was in single digits and yet, the sun was shining bright. After a bone chillingly cold experience in Sariska earlier in the day, this almost felt like heaven.


A little bit about SiliSerh Lake

I had to look up their official website to get the information. Nothing as such was mentioned in the palace, or at least I didn’t see anything mentioned. But anyhow, history goes that the Lake and reservoir of Siliserh was created by Maharaja Vinay Singh in 1845 for the people of Alwar, because water could be channeled to Alwar city. A beautiful Lake palace was also built by Maharaja for his beloved wife Shila, It was used as Lake palace and hunting lodge.

Siliserh Lake is spread in 7 sq kms area which from the outside, one really can’t tell. Its only when you get up on the deck of the lake palace, that you see the magnitude of the area the lake is spread out in. Its a beautiful location.

We went up to the terrace and the view from there was nothing short of magnificent. We sipped on our coffee and soaked in the sun. It was the perfect end to our weekend trip. Who knew that a place like this even existed so close to home. You have to go here, its the unexplored places which surprises the most and this one sure did surprise us.

I know for a fact that this is not my last time of travelling to SiliSerh Lake, probably a anniversary weekend or something like that. Its also a very good spot for prewedding photoshoot, with less crowd, picturesque location, boating and other activities available, you wouldn’t get a place like this is close vicinity.

Accommodations are available in the lake palace itself. Its not all that expensive, and given the view I think its every penny worth to stay here and enjoy a relaxing weekend. Let me know if you ever go to this place, and what you think about it. Would love to hear from you all.




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