12 ways of using pom-poms in your mehendi ceremony

by Namrata Nautiyal
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pom poms mehendi

Its been a hectic two weeks, I went back to Mumbai after more than a year…it was so good to be back home. Meeting my family, friends and just experiencing the same life that I had before my wedding, it was almost surreal. I came back to Gurgaon last week, and one of my close friends joined me. We have been out every single day since, from street shopping, to weekend getaways its been one crazy month.

So yesterday was the last day of sight-seeing, and we ended up going to Chandni Chowk. After all, no Delhi trip is complete without a visit to the iconic old part of the city. Every time I visit Chandni Chowk, I invariably end up going into a totally unexplored (by me) lane, or doing something new. This time I found one such lane, called Kinari Bazaar.

Kinari Bazaar is a paradise for all you brides to be. From gift boxes, puja items, craft stuff, the lane has all the tit bits you would need for the wedding. Especially, your mum. They are the ones who arrange for the fancy puja ki thalis, shagun ke envelopes, fancy pouches, trays, kalash etc etc.

But the one thing that caught my eye in Kinari Bazaar was the extensive use of wool pom-poms. The lane just looked so colorful, so gorgeous. From reds, blue, greens, yellow, pink they had the widest variety of wedding appropriate pom pom colors used in multiple ways.

Keeping that in mind, I am sharing here with you some of the ways of using the pom poms mehendi decor.


#1 A string of pom-poms

Gone are the days when you would have had to fuss about making the pom-poms on your own. Its not the worlds most difficult thing to do, but it is quite tedious and time taking. Luckily for us, pom-pom strings are available pretty much everywhere.

From using it as a dupatta border to hanging it as is opposite a wall, you can do tons of creative things using the string of pom-poms. The best part, after using it for your wedding decor, simply take it back and decorate your brand new home with it. I’m sure you can figure out a way or two to use it.


#2 Pom-Pom latkans

pom poms mehendi

I swear, I saw very similar pom-pom style latkans with mirror work everywhere from Sarojini Market to Kinari Bazaar in Chandni Chowk. They look stunning, and you can pretty much dress it up in so many ways. If you’re into soft shades and are looking for that dash of color, pom-poms is your answer.

Don’t be shy of trying out something new and different. I went around asking in shops what are these pom pom accessories used for, and one of the shop owners told me that shaadi event guys are picking it up in bulk to decorate in weddings. Latkans for wedding decor. Isn’t that brilliant?!

Pom-Poms are so in style right now. The more colorful you make your wedding, the better. I just saw some stunning latkans in gold, mirror with pom-poms and oh my gosh, I wanted to buy all of them. I thought maybe I should just buy these and then figure out what outfit will go best with it, you know the other way round !


#3 Bride & Bridesmaid Chappals

There are so many jutti stores out there, especially in Delhi where you can buy these mojris from. They look super cute, and so many brides are opting for this look. You can even top it up with some jhungroos if you like.


#4 Earrings

pom poms mehendi

Source – Nino’s creations, Etsy

Pom-Pom earrings are not at all expensive. Think 100-300 at max. Depending upon the style, length and the ‘complexity’ of your earring, you can try and bargain to get the price down to 150-200. Its a sweet deal. Whether you are a sister of the bride, or brides besties, this is one style that will make your outfit pop like no other.


 #5 Cushion Decor

pom poms mehendi

Source – Etsy

If you check out pinterest, or wedmegood you will see that a lot of weddings have cushion decor using pom-poms or colorful gota and dangling accessories. Its the best way of showcasing an Indian decor themed wedding, and I love it more because all of the cushion decor idea is totally reusable at home later.

In case you have a mehendi function happening at home, this is probably one of the cutest ideas you can go for. Check out YouTube video, there is an easy way of attaching pom-poms using the glue gun. I haven’t tried it myself, but if it works…then life is going to be really easy !


#6 Gift Box Decor

pom poms mehendi

Source – Kira

If you have a bridesmaid gift in mind, probably adding a creative pom pom touch would be a nice surprise for the bestie. The gift box idea shows a lot of thoughtfulness and is perfect to make your girlfriends feel that much special for your bid day.


#7 Pom Pom Jewellery for the bride

A lot of cultures in India have a tradition where in one of the rituals, the bride is supposed to wear only flower jewellery. There are so many versions of flower jewellery out there, but if you want to do something a little hatke, then how about pom-pom jewellery?


#8 Pom Pom Bangles

pom poms mehendi

One of the best mehendi favor ideas. Not only will the gift idea be loved by your guests, it also acts as the perfect decor piece in your mehendi ceremony. Showcase it in one of the corners and you will have one colorful destination that everyone will go gaga about.


#9 Pom-Pom Tree Decor

I am in love with the decor of this wedding. Just a simple dash of color, and a leafless tree branch can also look this good. The best part? This exact decor item can be found in Kinari Bazaar for 400 bucks a dozen (without bargain amount). So definitely affordable, yet so gorgeous !


#10 Kaleere

pom poms mehendi

Isn’t this the cutest thing ever? Kaleere as is looks stunning, and by adding that pop of color it just takes it up a notch. So if you’re wearing something in pastel shade for your mehendi function, this might just turn out to be the wow factor.


#11 Table decor

pom poms mehendi

Source – brit.co, whimsicalwonderlandweddings

If you’re having a themed function, you can use pom poms instead of flowers like marigold and roses, giving it a hatke look. Don’t try it in your main wedding function, but doing it in your prewedding function would be superb fun.


#12 Pom Poms instead of flower petals

pom poms mehendi

Source – brit.co, wedmegood

Now, this one is tricky. I personally don’t know where you can buy pom-poms in bulk, but if you do find a place…this is definitely an innovative way to usher in the new Mr. & Mrs.


Some other ideas…





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