12 ways of using Marigold decor at your wedding

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Marigold decor wedding

I love love marigold decor at weddings. Even though its the oldest of the traditions and styles, marigold has a charm like no other flower. Given that its winters, this is the perfect time to pick this flower for a marigold themed wedding. You can do so many things with it…from DIY projects, to decor both indoor outdoor….the possibilities are infinite. There is so much inspiration online that I thought, lets put it all down in one place. Oh and its probably the least expensive of the floral lot. So all you budget brides, here are 12 ideas for a marigold decor wedding.


#1 Quirky Props

Marigold looks amazing for mehendi decor, and if your budget permits slightly to go crazy on floral arrangements, a good idea would be to buy the marigolds in bulk. That way you can pretty much wrap and tie the flower string to anything you like, be it a rustic old ladder, or your age old ladybird that you have discarded somewhere.

The trick is not to spend additional money on props. During my wedding I casually asked the decorator how much it would cost to rent out a jhoola, and he gave me an absurd figure of 45k !!! So in case you’re facing similar issues, try to think out the box. If you’re living in a building or society you would definitely find one discarded bicycle somewhere. Take it and make something gorgeous out of it. The hand cycle, that’s a difficult one. Instead, buy a few cages from a wholesale market, and make it fancy. Your decor cost will come down and you still will have a fabulous decor.


#2 Invites

If you’re having a marigold themed wedding, may be you could also give your guests an idea about your wedding through your wedding invitation. I found a few designs online on marigold wedding invitations, and they look super duper cute. If you can’t find a similar kind with your invite maker, don’t lose heart. You can always design one for yourself as a digital wedding invite. For free !

The colors are bright, fun and totally Indian. Nowadays, everyone is going towards doing something a little hatke for their wedding, and this idea can be yours.


#3 Mandap Decor

A complete no brainer. Nothing looks better on a mandap than marigold with some rajnigandha. Its a classic decor idea which looks good both when its subtle as well as loud. So in case you don’t wish to spend a bomb on floral arrangements, you can simply put the focus on the drapes and have one string of marigold flowers on the outside, and be done.

That or if you want to go with the lavish decor theme, then go crazy on the marigolds. The more the merrier with this one.


#4 Marigold Rangoli


#5 Wedding Entrances

A floral wedding entrance always looks stunning. But doing it the right way is the key of getting it right. Choose contrasting colors like orange, pinks that go well with marigolds and depending upon your taste and budget, you can have a floral heavy entrance look or even go for the subtle yet decent sober look. The accent colors are the key to getting the decor look fabulous.


#6 Gift Pack

Marigold decor wedding

Source – Saurabh Rungta


#7 Chair Decor

Marigold decor wedding

Source – bridal musings, coastal bride

If you think only exotic flowers look good in chair decor, think again. Rajnigandha and marigolds look equally stunning by itself. They are traditional, not all that expensive and its honestly not that much work if you think about it. You get the flower strings from the wholesale flower market, you simply have to get the decorator to put it up properly.

If you’re having a white themed wedding, then rajnigandha with a pop of a single marigold can look exquisite. Alternatively, if you have a full fledged Indian themed wedding, an all out marigold overdose can also make the wedding decor look fabulous.


#8 Candle Decor

One can simply use the marigold petals and have a traditional set of diyas in one corner of the wedding decor, or you can light candles and have marigold flowers all around the candles. Both the decor ideas look superb and there are so many different ways to light up your wedding venue with this flower.


#9 Hangings

Marigold decor wedding

Source – thatfashionablegirl, 100layercake


#10 Photo Booth

Marigold decor wedding

If you can’t think of anything in particular to do for your photo booth section, then this is the best option out there. Simply rent some frames, and decorate it with the marigold flowers, and you are done done done ! Isn’t this a gorgeous setup?


#11 Table decor

If you don’t wish to take too much effort in your center table decor, just placing the marigold flowers over a bunch of glasses can also work brilliantly. That or simply put flower petals in a decorative manner and be done with your venue decor. You simply have to show a picture or do a sample for the decorator so he can replicate the design on the tables.


#12 Hang photos in between the marigolds

Marigold decor wedding

Source – witty wows

I started writing this post when I came across this picture on the internet. Its such a brilliant idea to use marigolds and photos in between. You can share the snapshots of you and your fiance’s journey or time together, the fun events in both of your lives…or even make it a brides photo collection only. Add your photos from childhood to the day leading upto your wedding day.


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