First Impression: Jai Gopal Industrial Estate | Budget Ethnic Wear Wholesale Market

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Jai Gopal Industrial Estate

Folks, I have absolutely no picture of this place only because they were very very strict about no photography. Jai Gopal Industrial Estate is in Dadar West (Mumbai). I am sure not many of you have heard of this place. My friend had suggested I go here during my wedding shopping as it is a wholesale market.

Last year, I had been to this market and picked up 3 heavy suit sets for a crazy awesome price (think <3k). So naturally this time around, I thought lets at least check out the latest trends that they have in store. I also had a pressing need of getting some wedding guest outfits sorted for my sis-in-laws wedding. This market was on my top priority list.


What do you find inside Jai Gopal Industrial Estate?

Its a 3-4 floor building which has multiple stores. Like Shahpur Jat. Only difference is that, some of the stores are strictly wholesale meaning they only sell to retailers directly while some are both retail and wholesale. You have to go into each store and ask them if they are willing to sell.  Sometimes they might just say no on the face, don’t give up..and ask them if you can come after some time.

What happens is if there is a major retailer sitting in his store selecting outfits, the store wouldn’t want allow normal public to be inside at the same time. So they try to be all strict. Its always better to check once with them.


What do these stores keep?

Everything from light to heavy ethnic wear. Think lehengas, crop top skirts, anarkalis, suit sets etc etc. Everything that is in fashion you would find here. The only bit to remember is that this is not a designer place. So don’t go with that expectation. Mind you, you will also see a lot of junk which won’t be of any relevance whatsoever. But you have to hunt through their stock. Keep asking them for new designs till they show you good pieces.

The sales staff is normally not seen to be that keen with consumers, they get their maximum margin from selling to retailers, so they are not that bothered. Hence, you have to do the finders keepers work.



Range varies from store to store. You will find good pieces starting 2k onwards all the way to 20k. But rest assured, the value of 2k vs what you will get outside in that price is a big difference. Since not many know about this place, its a good place to check out the stuff and pick your favorites.

Jai Gopal Industrial Estate

I saw a similar sequins lehenga skirt with crop top priced at 10k

Don’t do the mistake of not checking out the 1st and 2nd floors. Lehengas are kept in the floors above and you get a really good piece at even 10k. I saw an all gold sequins lehenga with a red crop top at flat 10k. It was a pretty good piece. Also, heavy lehengas with full flare, velvet and work were starting at 15k range. Its definitely worth checking out.


Check out Fashion Queen on the ground floor

One of the best stores in the complex. Its a big store and hands down, has the best collection. Their range starts from 1000 upwards all the way to 20k. You will recognize the store to be worthy the minute you see the dresses on the manequins. From heavy work floor length anarkali to pant jacket styled Indian Wear, the store has a very good range with them.

Jai Gopal Industrial Estate

I saw a similar jacket style but with pants in heavy work in the same color tone.

If your budget permits you to spend like 10k on an outfit, this should be the first store you should get into. This above styled outfit was in the range 15-18k. The outfit looked heavier than the pic above. Another one at their store was a silk brocade lehenga in Baby Pink lehenga skirt with blue blouse. It was similar to Anushree Reddy pastel colors. Pretty darn good at just 4k. All stitched.

But the thing is they don’t show all the budget pieces right at the beginning, you just have to be persistent. At first I couldn’t find anything at the store which was buyable but I kept asking and asking and eventually picked two floor length anarkalis for a total of 6800 only.

Also, check out the first store right next to the entry gate. They sell retail and its a small store, but they have a few worthy pieces to pick out.



Baburao Parulekar Rd, Babasaheb Ambedkar Nagar, Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028

P.S. The stores at Jai Gopal Industrial Estate only accept in cash + There are no ATMs in and around, so arrange cash before going here.


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