New Year Weekend Getaway to Jaipur – Jaigarh Fort

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Jaigarh Fort

The road to Jaigarh Fort is on the same road as Amer Palace. Our morning in Amer was fantastic. So rich in its history, it was probably one of the nicest palaces we have been to in recent times. We got done with Amer sometime post noon. Originally the plan was to start our return journey by 3pm max. Considering Delhi Gurgaon was getting foggy these days, we thought it was best not to delay and stay till late.

So unfortunately we had to let go of the other attractions like the City Palace and Nahargarh Fort. We decided instead to visit one more attraction before we head back, and so it was Jaigarh Fort. City Palace was made roughly 200-300 years back, and today its more of a museum having all the attires, and ammunition from Amer Palace. Truly it would have been an enriching experience if we could have visited that, but what drew us towards Jaigarh Fort was the famous canon Jaivana. The cannon had a 20 ft long barrel. It was huge.

The fort sits right above the Amer Palace, about 400m above the Amer Palace. We drove up the hill to reach the fort, and were quite surprised, when the authorities said the parking was *inside* the fort. At first, I was like woww, we don’t have to walk that means.

We slowly went through the fort gates, and kept driving on and on, it took us about 2 minutes to finally figure out that the whole fort was now a parking spot. Literally speaking. One could park anywhere they like. I saw cars parked right on the top of the fort next to the huge walls which in the olden days were used by soldiers to stand and guard the fort.

This was not my first fort, so there was nothing extraordinary about this place. There was one thing that caught my eye. It was how the walls were made in this fort. All the arch like structures had a hole in between which funneled down just big enough for soldiers to put their ammunition and aim at the enemy. It was brilliantly thought through. Every now and then we would see a big window like hole in these wall structures.

I wish the fort was kept in a better condition just as Amer Palace. The place is now completely turned into a graffiti area. ‘Lovers’ have scribbled all about their undying love for that so called special someone, and the crowd was well, not that great. I saw families coming to this fort with kids and littering the whole place up. It was quite distressing to see something so rich in history be spoilt in this manner.

The fort walls that you see here, are one of the longest in Asia spanning a distance of 12kms. From Jaigarh Fort one can actually see most of the area these walls cover. It gives a superb aerial view of Amer city. This fort has never been conquered in a battle, and standing at that height one can see why. It would be devastating for any enemy troupe to fight her.

Both Amer Palace and this fort are inter-connected. When we were at Amer, we got into this tunnel which was near the back end of the palace. Its a 3km long stretch to walk which would lead directly inside this fort. The road is open to public, and we really wanted to just walk it out..but alas, we had our car parked in Amer+ the guide refused to wait for us. So we just peeked in and were out within minutes.

Taking the scan of the fort took maybe like an hour. Luckily there was a restaurant inside the fort, nothing great…but if you don’t have any food with you…the place was fantastic by those standards. We hadn’t had anything since breakfast and it was close to 4pm now. We ordered some laccha paranthas, garlic naans and some paneer dish…it was ok. We gulped it all down and rushed to our car to start our way back.

The minute we got out of the fort, there was a jam. Initially we thought it will open up, but it took us close to 1.5 hours just to go down the hill. It was crazyy. By the time we were outside of Jaipur the sun had already gone down and we had to drive slow all the way.

We got home close to 10pm, which honestly neither of us thought would be possible. But we had an amazing time. I had the best company by my side, we were loaded with snacks in the car, some good music and we striked another destination off our travel list.


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