8 Tips to get that perfect hanging lehenga shot on your wedding day

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Hanging Lehenga

We spend so much of time, energy, money on our wedding lehenga, that not capturing it the right way is an absolute crime. Its as simple as since you have bought it, flaunt it. Its one of top must click pictures on the wedding day, and can be used as a teaser before the unveiling of the final bridal look, and simply be kept as a memory.

Photographers nowadays are constantly coming up with new ways of doing the hanging lehenga shot. I thought lets put it all in one place, so that all you brides to be can bookmark your favorites based on your venue, backdrop etc etc.

I would highly recommend that get at least 3-4 good shots of your lehenga – top down, bottom up, and one with a wide frame shot. Its always easier when you have actual pictures to show to your photographer what you really have in mind, and I am hoping the pictures in this post help you in deciding just that.



#1 One as the happy giggly bride-to-be

Can you see the excitement/contentment/happiness in all the brides faces? Its so precious, and if the moment is not captured, its just lost for good. On the wedding day, you as a bride might not be in the frame of mind to think about all these little bits and pieces of photography, so its a good idea to make a list and share it with your photographer. You may just be pleasantly surprised at the outcome post wedding.


#2 Bottom Up Shot a.k.a. Show off that lehenga flare

That pink lehenga, like oh my gosh…I’m sure that’s one happy bride who got to wear that outfit. Stunning isn’t it? I have always had a thing for big flared lehengas, I myself wore a crazy puffed up lehenga on my wedding day, and it felt magical. It instantly makes you feel like a princess.


#3 Focus on the Latkans

Because, why not? Latkans are the most colorful, fun elements of a wedding lehenga and sometimes, the best part about the lehenga. If you have a contrasting latkan for your lehenga, or a heavy bunch hanging together, then you must must get this shot clicked.

I think Shutter Down Photography has just nailed this latkans shot. Every wedding album that I have seen of theirs has one magical latkan shot and each one of them looks better than the one before. I am fan. Which shot is your favorite?


#4 The wide angled shot

If you have a stunning backdrop, even if its a one colored brick wall, or something like that…then take a nail, put a hanger on it and get the hanging lehenga picture clicked. If you can’t think of a gorgeous backdrop, and still want a wide angled shot, just ask the photographer to take your lehenga prior to the wedding, and get it studio clicked with a colorful background.


#5 The side look

I don’t honestly see the point of this. But it doesn’t hurt to have one more of the lehenga shot. The more the merrier right?


#6 One flaunting the *label*

Hanging Lehenga

If you are wearing a one of kind zillion bucks designer piece, you might as well show it off. Modesty really doesn’t matter or count in weddings, specially Indian Weddings. Also, all those who say we really don’t want to talk about our designer lehenga, at least I haven’t met those. May be they wouldn’t openly flaunt it, but it comes up on social media eventually…so might as well openly do it. I know if I got a Sabyasachi I would have definitely clicked this picture 😀


#7 One hanging high up in the air

I love these shots, I really do…but somehow every time I see a lehenga or a groomswear hanging so high up from the ground…it reminds me of Vikings. May be its just too much television for me…but my head keeps singing dead men walking.

On a serious note, if you do have a venue or location at the wedding which boasts of such views or is able to give such magical looks, even though it might just be a hotel room…just get the up in the air shot clicked. Its very different from the other regular hanging lehenga shots.


#8 A normal no fuss hanging lehenga shot


Some other favorites



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