50+ Indian Floral Mandap Decor Inspiration

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Indian Floral Mandap Decor Inspiration

Winter is here, with shaadi season upon us, and with that comes a big headache of decoration. I remember even during my wedding, the decorator came with a booklet of designs to choose from, and quite honestly I was confused as hell. I am sure many of you might have gone through a similar crisis.

After all, ones wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and everyone wants it to be as perfect as it can get. + If you are a frugal bride, then you want more for less. Luckily winter is the season of flowers, and this is probably the best time to choose a decor which can include natural flowers as compared to the artificial ones.



Marigolds and Rajnigandhas should be your pick. They look fantastic, very Indian very traditional in their look, and yet…you can create magic in your decor with just these two variants of flowers. Nowadays a lot of brides are opting for these flowers in their mehendi decor, and you can pretty much continue using the color scheme through your wedding as well.

For a bit of contrast add roses at the bottom of the rajnigandha strings and you will get a stunning backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Decorators by default tend to act pricey, but if you a little bit of homework, you should be able to calculate his cost of flowers, and pretty much have a sense of estimate in your mind.

Take for instance, my recent balcony gardening adventures have brought me to be a little educated about plants and winter flowers in particular. Marigold blooms in abundance during winters, so even a small plant having around 10 marigolds cost somewhere around 30-50 bucks with the pot. Its really really cheap. If you actually visit any big markets where they sell flowers in bulk, you should be able to get an idea about the prices in kilos.

Ditto for roses. Roses although are an all season plants, they really bloom like crazy during winters. I have as of now 14 roses full bloom out of just two potted plants. The exotic red roses might be a tad bit on the higher side, but the mix hybrids are actually not that expensive. So if you decide to accentuate your decor by adding a few roses here and there, it really wouldn’t put a dent in your budget.


Orchids no matter what season cost a bomb. Period. Yes, they look outstanding, but they do come at a heavy price. If you want to choose this flower, and still remain within budget the best way would be to work with a florist to design your mandap and add fillers like leaves, twigs, stems etc etc to give the whole mandap a rustic look.

Alternatively, you can also take away some of the focus by adding in a lot of drapes. Drapes are mostly available with decorators in multiple shades and colors. Since you would be renting it out for a days event, it shouldn’t cost all that much. Then you can simply put all the effort on corners or a particular stretch of the mandap. Throw in a bunch of petals on the floor or the aisle walking towards the mandap, that will complete the look.



You really shouldn’t over do every single element at the wedding. If you and the groom are going to be in your blingiest best, it would be ideal not to drown your mandap looking the same. There has to be a contrast to balance the look. A lot of times its the simple look that just steals the show.

The best example would be of beach weddings. In 90% of the cases you will see that beach weddings are all about the simplistic look. You have a stunning backdrop, so why not use it in your decor. The beach, the sands, the water it all eventually adds on to the photograph. Ditoo if you’re having a outdoor ceremony where nature is in abundance like with lots of trees and plants in the background. Then again, you really don’t need to put in that much to make your mandap shine.



Think pinks, oranges, reds, whites…these are the classic colors that have always been a part of the Indian Wedding. One can just never go wrong with them. If you’re too confused between all the good choices out there, may be just go with the first thing that catches your eye. Sometimes its best not to try too hard.

Tip 1: If you can’t decide on anything, go with white. Nothing ever goes wrong with that color.

Tip 2: Use a lot of drapes. Saves a ton of money on flowers, and all you have to do is add flowers in the gaps.

Tip 3: One doesn’t always have to go for bouquet of flowers look. Simply ask the decorator to add strings of marigold or rajnigandha…and to make it more fancy probably add a single rose at the bottom. The phool-vaalas normally give marigolds in string as it is, so you can pretty much negotiate the decor cost to keep it at minimum.

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