Easy couple dance choreography videos on bollywood songs

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Easy couple dance choreography videos on bollywood songs

I spent an entire day on YouTube doing this. My sister in-law is getting married next month, and I and the hubby have to have to perform in the sangeet night. Something that makes me sweat even while typing this out. I have never been good with the dancing, and especially in front of a crowd and quite honestly I hoped/wished that my wedding would be the last event when I would have to endure all the stares.

But alas, I guess being married into a North Indian family means there is no escaping all the celebratory dance moves. So, I scourged the internet to look for nice songs, easy choreography, doable steps and most importantly shortlisting songs that the husband would approve. Saiyaan superstar unfortunately is off the list. 😀 😀


Easy couple dance choreography videos – Bollywood songs:

#Bollywood Dance Medley

Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen is just so awesome. Even though its a group dance, one can easily do it as a couple dance as well. The song is a peppy old track, and guaranteed the crowd would be humming with the music. I have seen a few more videos with bride and groom choosing to dance on this number, its really really cute…some of the videos. Just YouTube it.

The second track, probably best to give it a miss but the last track Gallan Goodiyaan from Dilk Dhadakne Do, that’s a hot new Sangeet ceremony favorite track. Everyone from Shahid Kapoor to other celebrities have grooved on this number on their weddings, and its just such a weddingy song…


Chingam Chabake – Gori Tere Pyaar Mein (starts at 4.20 min)

If you are marginally good with the thumkas and a bit of fast dancing, then this choreography is perfect for you. It has the right amount of nakhres, dancing, and its a crazy peppy track to be dancing on. I keep smiling everytime I see this dance video, I think even if you are a bride or groom, you can choose this number and club it with other mushy tracks. Will give a nice mix of songs.

Ghagra – Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (starts at 8:20 min)

 If you have a brother in law…then nothing nails the trio dance like this one. Uuufff kya adaayein, woh latke, woh thumke…is what comes to mind seeing this awesome choreography. While some may say this is not the easiest to dance on, agreed..but one can change some of the steps by picking it up from other songs…or just sway when you can’t do the steps.


# The cutest couple dance ever

This one video is so so good for your soul, it just makes me smile and giggle in all good ways, and I am sure you will too. Super adorable isn’t it? But coming back to the songs, I picked this one for this list for the Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen track. If you do choose to pick this song, and are looking for some alternate steps then this video is going to be a big help.


# One Evergreen Old Song Pick

Oh Haseena Zulfo Vaali – Teesri Manzil (starting at 0.30 mins)

I love the dancing on this one. It has a lot lot of twirling involved, but woww..what a choreography. If you want to do that one old song track, and are searching and searching for the right choreography, then this number is it. Its the perfect couple dance choreography pick for this wedding season.

Do check out the rest of the video as well, if you are up for it…then try out the dance on Tu Tu Meri – Bang Bang which comes at the end of the video. I didn’t find any other choreography on this song on YouTube, and the way the couple has danced is pretty fantastic.


# One mushy number – the easiest one to learn

After seeing this choreographed piece, I finally sighed out of relief. I couldn’t imagine me and the husband doing anything more complicated than this one. Probably not the best idea to do the entire song, but the first bit is pretty decent. Also, so classic of the school kids hooting when their classmates perform on love tracks. Took me back to my school days.

You can spice up this number by doing the first bit of this second video on the same song.

The start to the song (at 0.20 mins) where the words are chahey tum kuch na kaho, that step is pretty nice. Isn’t it? I decided to add the video to this list only for that one move. Till 0.39 seconds, I think this choreography is better than the previous one. What do you think?


One Solo Track

Lets face it, the boy in most cases will not dance the entire way. So the girl has to pitch in. The best way is to include a solo track in between. That way the medley is long enough, engaging and you get to do your piece as well. I love this song, its the ultimate wedding song for the bride, and someone should perform on this track. Period.


The best tapori track

If you can pull off this song, this attitude in the dance, then this video is the perfect pick. This duo has actually put up a video that is every bit worth learning from. The steps are easy on the eyes, but I know its quite a difficult piece to dance on, but if you can do it…then go for it.


If you want some more inspiration, I have also shared a post on bride solo performance choreography videos.


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