3 awesome (free) websites to make online invitation cards

by Namrata Nautiyal
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free websites online invitation card

If the last post on Cartoon Indian Wedding Invitation Cards got you all geared up, then this post will surely make you smile. All those pinterest worthy save the date cards, thank you cards, a shoutout about your wedding instagram hashtag for your friends, or a digital set of wedding invitation cards…everything is possible online. For free.

There are so many great websites out there which pretty much give a lot of options in frames, pictures, icons for free…you can really customize your invitation based on your theme of the wedding, or anything that you fancy. I have personally used every single website that I am mentioning in this post, so its all tried and tested.


# Canva

I had long ago in one of my posts about online engagement invitations mentioned about this site and since then, the website has really upgraded themselves.

The pictures I have put up above, those are the templates. But the real beauty about these websites is when you make one from scratch. There are so many patterns, colors, designs, fonts which are available in the free version…that the best output is never found in the template designs.

What I love particularly about this website is that it gives you the custom size options for your canvas. Whether you want a instagram square sized image or for a facebook cover photo, the dimensions and layouts are right in front of you. Take some time on a lazy afternoon and explore the site. You will start making invitation cards that you didn’t even plan out in the first place. Trust me !



My husband introduced me to this website few years back. I was working on designing some posters for this company, and I was struggling. That’s when I checked out this site, and since then this is my go to website for all things designing. In fact, even for Frugal2Fab I have made a couple of posters from this website. Sharing them here with you.

If you see, you can pretty much do anything and everything on this website. Its a no fuss site, very easy to work with. Just drag and drop. That simple. What I would (highly) recommend for you all is to use this website to make the [Know our story] page of the invitation cards. The same kinds as the one below – where the journey of the bride and groom is told. You can alternatively also make an itinerary of the wedding day in an interactive format using this site.

You probably won’t get a already made template for use as this website is mainly focussed on solving business presentations. But there database on icons, fonts, colors, designs is huge. So you can pretty much play around and use this website for multi purpose requirements of your wedding.



This is the website I am currently obsessed with for making my blog collages. PicMonkey is basically like a better version of Picasa, its an editing website – but with tons of options. There are loads of wedding related themes inbuilt on the site, although most of them are all premium features.

Here’s what you can do. If you love the premium features, and find some of the icons, pictures you just can’t do without…take the free trial subscription of 7 days, and make use of them all. That way you get a premium looking custom made invitation card/save the date etc etc and you get away with paying nothing.

Bonus: I’ll tell you what I do which works marvelously. Go to Pinterest and save background images…for instance type floral background. A hell lot of pinterest worthy options are available. Use that as your invitation background, and then top it up with text in fancy fonts. Add a few elements here and there, use your own pictures…and viola, your invitation cards will be done in a jiffy. The above pictures are all blog post cover pics made using PicMonkey.



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