Indian Cartoon Wedding Invitations Inspiration

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Indian Cartoon Wedding Invitations

I am sure you have seen these Indian Cartoon Wedding Invitations somewhere or the other. Nowadays a lot of couples are choosing a cartoon invitation card over a regular one. Quite honestly its probably one of the best things I have seen this year.

Recently the #HazelYuvraj wedding also had their invitations made in a cartoon format, and it was cuteness overload. So if you’re wondering if you should also choose a Indian Cartoon Wedding Invitation for your wedding, I have some inspiration here for you.

The thing about these Cartoon Wedding Invitations is that you can even make these on your own. Especially if you’re circulating the invitations online on say Whatsapp, Facebook or through other social media. One normally has to, its less time consuming, and friends pretty much receive the invite instantly which is great.

In case you’re wondering how to go about making one Cartoon Wedding Invitation on your own, a trick is to first select your cartoon characters who would represent you and your spouse. Google has a ton of options.

If you’re wondering about the price of these Indian Cartoon Wedding Invitations, let me tell you the prices are pretty expensive. >100 or so, from whatever I saw on Etsy and wedmegood. My friend recently got her wedding invitation done in a cartoon format, a simple one…nothing too elaborate, and hers cost below 50 bucks. It looked totally worth it.

If you are in Delhi or Mumbai, you can check out the card shops in Bhuleshwar as well as in Chandni Chowk, I didn’t really see that many options available. You can give it a try though. If you are in South India like Hyderabad or Bangalore…pretty much all the wedding invitation card shops have these kinds with them in a budget.

Most of these cartoon invitations come with a page dedicated to explain each of the rituals, and the ceremonies. You can either make the written matter in a funny way, or even simply give information to guests about the itinerary of the day. Add cute cartoon characters to keep the fun going, and use plenty of vibrant colors. I especially love the ones where the invitation card tells about theme of the wedding celebrations. Perfect to have if you have loads of foreign guests coming for your wedding.

Also, if you’re having a cross-cultural wedding. Not always will the family, friends and relatives be aware of the customs and rituals. Its good to share the information with all the guests.


Also, if you want to know how to make a Indian Cartoon Wedding Invitation in a video format (for free), then I have written a post recently on that. You can have a look at it by clicking (here).

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