Bookmark these must have Bridal Solo Shots for your Wedding

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Bridal Solo Shots

I had written a similar post some time back about brides getting ready shots that every bride must get clicked. A lot of you came back saying it was really helpful, and so this is the second part to that. Once you have all your getting ready poses clicked by your photographer, the main bit comes.

The bridal solo poses. Normally on the day of, we have so much going on in our heads, its probably not the best time to wrack our brains to think of something creative to pose around. So, I am sharing with you’ll some bridal solo shots that you can bookmark and send to your photographer. That ways if you forget the pose, he will remind you of it and you will have fantastic solo poses for you wedding album.


# Under the ghoonghat/dupatta shot

Bridal Solo Shots

Source – Shutter Down

There are so many variations to this under the dupatta look that you can do. From black and white shots, to close up…or even a full top to down lehenga shot. You can decide whether you wish to go for the shy bride look, or the fun side glance smiling shot. Its all up to you.

If you hire Shutter Down as your wedding photographers, you know clicking the under the dupatta look is going to be perfection. They have just nailed the look, and with so many brides. The pictures are just beautiful. Isn’t it?


# A sit down *show off your flare* pose

Oh, did you notice one of the brides is wearing the same wedding lehenga as mine. I was so so excited when I saw that. She looks so happy, reminded me of the time I was wearing my lehenga and posing for the cameras.

Try to be smiling, happy in all your pictures. It makes for the best memories ever. Also, remember since you are the star of the show the cameras will be going click click ALL THE TIME. So always keep that in mind or you will be in for a surprise when you get your wedding photos !

Twirling is not the only way of showing off your flare. This can easily be an alternative if you’re not too comfortable twirling around in your 20+ kg lehenga.


# The giggly happy bride-to-be shot

The first pic has got to be you favorite too. I couldn’t help but smile when I came across that photo. Such a frame worthy one + A great conversation starter, don’t you think? I am so glad to see the emotion captured at the right time. I am fan Shutter Down. Like totally brilliant !


# A sneak peek

Perfect for the first look on social media (especially facebook). Its like the pre-movie trailer. The poster shot. If you have a stunning decor where you can do the sneak peek, then that works or the simplest option is to use curtains as props.


# The side look

If you’re wearing a statement nath with some stunning jewellery, then this is a must take shot. The flowers, the jewellery, the side look it all makes for a pretty pretty picture.


# The magical twirl

No wedding is complete without a twirling pose. Actually multiple twirling poses if you ask me. After all, you’re spending big bucks on that flare, wearing that 20+ kgs lehenga all throughout your wedding functions, a bit of show off toh banta hai. Not only is it fun, I have seen brides the happiest when they are twirling in their princess dream outfits.

Don’t be shy and keep going round and round till you get that perfectly captured shot. Trust me, it will be every bit worth it.


# One with the bridesmaids

Bridal Solo Shots

Your favorite girls are your core support system, and having them by your side on your biggest day is the best gift you can get. So getting that perfect shot clicked with the besties, its definitely high on the must have bridal solo shots. There are so many pictures up there on the internet giving inspirations of the kind of poses you can do with your girls…from a western wedding like line up photo, or a giggly girl squad pic, the list goes endless.


# A proper frame worthy full length shot

Whether it is to show off your wedding lehenga, to flaunt the second dupatta on the back…all reasons are valid for the D-Day. You need to have as many full length shots as possible. You never know which one will turn out to be that favorite one.


# One with the focus on jewellery & makeup !

Nowadays, wedding jewellery are so elaborate, whether it is khaandaani or rental. Wedding jewellery are all statement pieces, and not capturing it solo on the wedding day is a crime. A bride would never really wear all of the heavy jewellery and makeup on any other day, and so it makes perfect sense to capture the Indian bride in her full glory.


# The sindoor shot

Bridal Solo Shots


Some other fun bridal solo shots you can bookmark are:

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