Here’s why you should be on Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop page right now !

by Namrata Nautiyal
Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

Abhinav Mishra is on flat 40% off !

I recently visited his store in Shahpur Jat, and instantly fell in love. He does magic with his outfits. They are so dream like. From pastel shades, in mirror work and laces…its everything a fairytale bride story can have. If you have had your eyes on this designers outfits, then this is the perfect time to shop the looks. Check out the options on Pernia’s Pop Up Shop or visit one of his stores to see which outfit works best for you.

  • Original Price: 31,500
  • Discounted Price: 18,900


Astha Narang is on flat 40% off !

Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

  • Original Price: 39,600
  • Discounted Price: 23,760

My sis-in-law is a crazy Astha Narang fan. So much so, that she even picked up an outfit from this designer, and now she can’t stop feeling miserable. 40% off is a big deal ! At this price, one can actually pick up two outfits within the same range. If its that one designer piece you want to have in your wardrobe, then Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop has loads of options for you to choose from.


Malasa at 40% off

Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

  • Original Price: 33,750
  • Discounted Price: 20,250

Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

  • Original Price: 47500
  • Discounted Price: 28,500

I love this dark blue lehenga. The blouse is so beautiful, and I can see this outfit can easily be reused in parts on other occasions as well. The blouse can be used with a saree, ditto with the dupatta – that can be used with a suit set, and lehenga skirt can be worn separately as well. If you think about it, you can really make use of this lehenga set in multiple ways.


Chhavvi Aggarwal on 40% off

Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

  • Original Price: 44,000
  • Discounted Price: 26,400


Amit Sachdeva at 30% off

Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

  • Original Price: 44,000
  • Discounted Price: 30,800


Samant Chauhan at 25% off !

Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

  • Original Price: 46,000
  • Discounted Price: 34,500

Varun Bahl had a collection recently which was entirely floral inspired and this outfit instantly brought back those looks in my mind. While the couture designers outfits are sky high prices, this is an economical option to go for.


Ridhi Arora at flat 25% off !

Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

  • Original Price: 18,500
  • Discounted Price: 13,875


Neha Chopra at 25% off !

Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

  • Original Price: 28000
  • Discounted Price: 21000

Isn’t this a gorgeous color for a cocktail function? I love its one side long flowy sleeves, quite an unusual piece. Do check out Neha Chopra’s collection. She has quite a few eye catchy options in similar price range.


Rana’s by Kshitija is at 25% off !

Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

  • Original Price: 35,000
  • Discounted Price: 26,250

One of my favorite designers off late. I have mentioned his designs in some of my other posts as well. The color combination, the look of the outfit, design…what’s not to love. Now that its on discount, I think you can give this one a serious consideration.


Preeti S Kapoor at flat 25% off !

Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

  • Original Price: 39,500
  • Discounted Price: 29,625


Sanna Mehan at flat 20% off !

Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

  • Original Price: 39,375
  • Discounted Price: 31500

This long kurti skirt outfit style is so in season now. It looks gorgeous especially when it is in these meetha shades. While the price may be quite high and I agree even I wouldn’t buy this for the discounted price…but the look is gorgeous. And I will tell you this. A lot of boutiques in Delhi are doing this style for much much less. Think 10-12k range.

The only reason I am sharing these designs with you all is so you guys can bookmark and keep the looks with you. In case its going above your budget, you can still find tons of shops providing very very good alternatives in the same look.


Radhika Airi at 20% off !

Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

  • Original Price: 38500
  • Discounted Price: 30800

Ombre love? Yes please. If you’re a bride to be bored with all your heavy ethnic outfits and want to do that one fun element outfit, then this can be your pick. I love this design because you can pretty much wear it as a sister of the bride outfit, at your bffs wedding or even in one of your prewedding functions.


Surendri at 20% off !

Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

  • Original Price: 34,900
  • Discounted Price: 27,920

Pratyusha Garimella at 15% off !

Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

  • Original Price: 37,800
  • Discounted Price: 32,130


Amrita Thakur’s collection is perfect for a Sister of the bride look/ Wedding guest look

I just had to share these with you. Its not on discount, but the idea is now you know what the price range of these outfits are. So if you look for them in other smaller boutiques or stores this can be your reference price point. These outfits are a must have this season. Be it a wedding guest look, or a festive prewedding function look…its sober yet so elegant. What do you think about these looks? Let me know.

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Anhiti October 8, 2018 - 5:13 pm

Hey is Pernia’s a legit website to buy these designer clothes on sale? Are the sizes reliable and returnable? Thanks!

Namrata Nautiyal October 9, 2018 - 3:50 pm

Hi Anhiti, Pernia is a good online place to buy designer outfits from. What I would suggest is visit the designer store and see if you can get your accurate measurements and details in place and then order online. Since these are expensive purchases, no reason why you should go back and forth with returns etc.

That being said, you can also directly buy from the website. There won’t be any issues. Don’t worry.


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