48 adorable Wedding Signs worth putting up at your wedding !

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Wedding Signs

I have been browsing for wedding signs since some time now. Its kind of a home project for me because we want to put up something for my sis-in-laws wedding in feb. Luckily, people are so creative these days, that I ended up bookmarking some 50 odd wedding signs that I have to have share with you all.

If you’re having a dull monday and are feeling a bit low, let me tell you this post will make you glee for sure.


# Kids carrying cute wedding signs

I absolutely love love this idea. If you have any baby cousins in your wedding, this would be perfect. Not only will the crowd go all aaww and aaah, its incredibly sweet to include kids in your wedding. My favorite tag line is “You think I’m cute, wait till you see the bride“. Well said, isn’t it?


# Cheesy Hindi Lines

Wedding Signs

Source – wedmegood

Haha, that first one is definitely a risky one to put out there. But if you are all about the fun element at your wedding, may be you can get away with it. Its definitely an innovative one. Perfect for the sangeet decor, you can think on similar lines and put up any dialogue that you or your spouse may like as well.


# Witty Wedding Signs

I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw these signs. Quite on point, yet so funny. I have so many favorites from this one, hard to choose. Probably the wedding crashers and facebook wedding sign. Which one is your favorite?


# Bride or Groom messages

No wedding is complete in a way without the bride and grooms inputs. Ditto with wedding signs as well. I would highly suggest to include some wedding signs which is the brides or grooms own words. It just instantly adds that much value and personality to any wedding.


Some other wedding signs worthy of a mention

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