All the photos from the #YuvrajHazel Wedding in one place !

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YuvrajHazel Wedding

Wow. This is going to be one massive post.

The #YuvrajHazel wedding has totally taken instagram by storm. My feed off late has been all about this gorgeous new couple in town and they truly are having a ball of a wedding this month. I am usually not one to gush over celebrity weddings, in fact this is the first one I’m writing about on the blog…but there are so many cutesy ideas to draw inspiration from…that I couldn’t stop myself.



I kind of like the prewedding shoot. A little unconventional in its taste, but hey whatever works for you right? If I didn’t know this was the prewedding shoot, I probably would have never guessed it to be. But the couple looks so comfortable with each other, one can definitely see the love.



Ooooh this was definitely one of the highlights/takeaways for me from their big fat wedding. I loved loved loved the quirky cricket style wedding invite. I mean wasn’t that a given. Entertainment Design Co. just nailed it.

Ohh, and these wedding invites have an awesome name – “Yuvraj and Hazel Premier League”. Totally adorable isn’t it?

“Yuvi & I are not really a prim and proper couple”, explained Hazel. “We are a goofy pair. We might look like a cool and good-looking couple but on the inside, we really are a pair of goofballs. No one really knows this about us and that’s precisely why I wanted the cartoon aspect on our card”.

The thing is I am seeing a lot of these quirky invites being used instead of the traditional ones this year. With the wedding season right upon us, wedding invites have been floating around my facebook feed for some time. I happen to check the prices, and they are pretty standard. So in case, any of you are wondering if these cost a bomb, they don’t.

Their wedding was a whopping 10 day event !



I love it when celebrities wear outfits that’s not too over the top. I keep saying, its going the other way round. We (aam) humans are spending zillions of bucks on designer outfits and all the shor sharaba, whereas the rich and famous are going the minimalist way. I love it. More power to them.

“We are both very simple and quiet people. But when I say ‘quiet’ I mean intimate. You cannot expect Yuvraj to be quiet, after all he is Punjabi! We initially had planned it to be intimate; the Goa section was supposed to be very private with just 100 people, the Chandigarh wedding was also supposed to be very intimate with 100-150 people. We have kept functions that are bigger and grander for people who would come to meet and greet us, people who we have to call. We had a nice mix of both but now with all the information in public, everything is doubled (even the security) as things have gone a little out of hand. And although we are simple people at heart, we have not been able to have that moment or time for ourselves for any of the functions,”. – Hazel





You know I am having serious troubles keeping track of their wedding destinations. Chandigarh, Goa, Delhi its just so many functions. So many outfits, so many aaww moments. This is one major task to catch up.

But oh my gosh ! That first pic of Hazel, I think that’s my favorite from this entire wedding. She looks like such a dream and Dream Diaries has done a fantastic job capturing her bridal awesomeness. Totally frame worthy that one. Can’t wait for the official pics to come out.

This was the second nuptials after the Chandigarh gurgudwara wedding. The couple tied the knot at Siolim, Goa on December, 2nd 2016.


“Mauritius is very beachy. We had originally thought of doing a function in Mauritius because my mom is from Mauritius. But it became too much as we had to do Chandigarh and Delhi. If we did Mauritius in the middle our budget would have gone berserk. Plus, it would have become a two-week wedding and already it is a 10-day wedding. Hence, I thought Goa because it has also got that beach feel and the Goan music is a lot similar to Mauritian music. I have tried to make it as cultural as I can to make a Punjabi see what a Mauritian wedding is really like.” – Hazel




“Chandigarh has been kept very Punjabi; Goa has been kept a little more western with that hint of Mauritius and Delhi is kept as desi as it can be.” – Hazel

Their Delhi wedding reception was all about the glitz and glamour. Wearing a stunning JJ Valaya outfit from his AIFWSS17 collection, Hazel looked every bit of a dazzling happy bride. But my favorite was definitely the Anushka Virat dance. Those two are so so cute together.


What was your favorite part about the #YuvrajHazel wedding?


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