Singapore Diaries Part 4: Gardens by the Bay

by Namrata Nautiyal
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gardens by the bay

The last day of our trip. We spent 5 nights in Singapore and while there were other smaller sight seeing places that we covered over the days, this one was a major one that was pending. I had initially planned to cover gardens by the bay on the first 2 days itself. But the unpredictable rains in Singapore made us totally go 360 degree on our itinerary.

I had seen some photos online about this place. It was going to be green, plenty of nature, exotic flowers etc etc. You know the usual. So both me and my hubby were not all that psyched about this one. We woke up on the last day of our trip, had a nice scrumptious breakfast at the hotel, and got ready to check out from the hotel. Our flight was later in the evening, so we did have like 5-6 hours to kill.

Gardens by the bay turned out to be the perfect end to our trip. We had earlier pre-booked our tickets to the place, so we got into a metro and headed straight to one of the fanciest locations in Singapore. The Marina Bay Sands.

gardens by the bay

Source – foundtheworld

I wish I had seen this view at night, but then day time was not all that bad either. The minute you walk out of the Bay Front Metro Station stands this 3 simultaneous tall buildings with a huge boat like thing resting on top of it. Its a majestic view to say the least.

We clicked some photos around and then headed straight to the park. Our first stop was the flower dome. The minute we entered the place, it was oh my god cold. Given how hot the outside temperature was in Singapore, it was a welcome change to finally feel normal inside.

For those of you not aware, the flower dome is the largest glass greenhouse in the world as listed in the 2015 Guinness World Records! We stepped inside and the view was stunning. With exotic flowers all around, plants never seen before it was almost like paradise.

If you are not a flower or plants kind of a person, may be this will just be like any other sightseeing place for you…but let me tell you, the actual wow element is yet to come. The CLOUD FOREST!

Everyone spoke highly of Gardens by the bay on the internet, in reviews and even family members…but when we went to flower dome, it was well, all good to see. One time thing. We had also got the ticket to the next door greenhouse park which was the cloud forest. We pretty much went in with the same expectation. But this place truly outdid our imaginations.

One tip. Don’t go to cloud forest first. Finish flower dome and then go here. That ways you will have the big wow moment for the last.

gardens by the bay

Can you see how high up that is ! This is what we saw the minute we entered the place.

gardens by the bay

We loved loved this place. They have created this surreal mountain like view teamed with a waterfall and you can walk right through it. One floor at a time, this man-made creation is almost 8 floors tall, and each floor has these window holes from which you can look up close to the diverse vegetation and other hidden floral gems.

This was definitely our favorite place in the entire gardens by the bay.




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