10 outfits you can wear to your Winter PreWedding Photoshoot

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Winter PreWedding Photoshoot Outfits

Winter is finally here.  😀  😀  😀

Even though the whole of Delhi Gurgaon is smoked up, I am so excited about my second winters in this part of the country. Its the time to finally stash away all our summer wear and take out the boots, and the bling for the upcoming season.

Summers is by default terrible when it comes to photoshoots, you want to look your best, but the sweltering heat just ruins your makeup and hair. Not to mention, the irritable mood you’d normally be in. So if your wedding is sometime end of this year, or early next year…this is the perfect time to get that winter prewedding photoshoot done.

Here are my top 10 Winter PreWedding Photoshoot Outfits for you:

[BTW, these options will not work for Mumbai weather, but if you’re up north or any other place…you find like a few options that I have]


#1 A crochet sweater

Crochet is never going to go out of fashion, and you get so many colors and shades, designs in crochet. Its a timeless piece, and you’re guaranteed to look gorgeous. If you’re looking for effortless chic look, then this outfit style is the one for you.


#2 Long Coat

Easily available, almost everyone has one or two of these in their closet. You can pretty much have a fun outdoor photoshoot wearing something uber comfortable yet look chic. A long coat look would be perfect for that park fun day winter pre-wedding photoshoot.


#3 Jeans with jackets & boots

You know, boots is the highlight of this option. If you have those sky high, I mean knee length boots, and you’re wondering when to show it off…this is your chance. Boots, skinny jeans with a jacket and scarf…you will look adorably sexy in your winter prewedding photoshoot.


#4 Faux Fur

This option is for all those of you who want a opulent looking winter photoshoot. Bring out your bling with this one. Wear some gorgeous over the top jewellery and go all fluffed out in the faux fur.


#5 Short skirt, stockings with jacket

Winter PreWedding Photoshoot Outfits

Source – kellylemonphotography

The cute one. You want to look young, playful and have a gala time at your winter prewedding photoshoot, then wear a poofu short skirt with stockings.


#6 A cosy winter throw/blanket

One of my favorites. You can do wonders with this one. There are so many poses, not to mention you will have a cosy fun day with the fiance. From snuggling in together, to being wrapped around tightly with each other, there is romance written all over this outfit accessory.


#7 A Winter Scarf

Winter PreWedding Photoshoot Outfits

Source – Snippet & Ink

Winter scarfs are totally in fashion and I would suggest do a little DIY by adding small pom poms of yarn to your scarf all around. It will not only give a pop of color, but it will for sure make a style statement.


#8 A big poofy skirt

Quite the party option, a poofy big skirt looks adorable. Just like in this pic. How cute are these two !


#9 A nice long gown


#10 A Red Coat Jacket

Winter PreWedding Photoshoot Outfits

Source – Christina G Photography

Because why not? Nothing and I mean nothing is sexier than a bright red jacket. Its the ultimate outfit to pick for your winter prewedding photoshoot. You will not only be making a style statement, but also because red is the color of love. What do you think?



Which of these outfit styles is your pick?

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