Best of Day 5: Amazon India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Day 5: Amazon India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017

Phew, the last one. I think fashion week blogging drains me out more than any other kind of blogging. There is just so much that one doesn’t understand fashion wise, trying to make sense what the designer really is trying to showcase, why they even created what they did,…and then the craziest part…blog about it.

But having said that, I also love love fashion weeks, because within all that mayhem, you do get to see once in awhile some gems which make it worth the pain. Day 5: Amazon India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 had some hits and misses and here are my favorites:

If you have missed out on any of the other days, find links below:


# Whatever by Abhishek Kankaria & Shrruti Tapuria

Cocktail Night outfits to be bookmarked. I love love how edgy these outfits are. Ombre is totally in since some time back, and from the looks of it, its here to stay. Which outfit style was your favorite.

Btw, this brand is known for its accessories. The whole focal point of the show was the accessories, and while I did love the statement pieces on each of the outfits…my eyes somehow stuck to the outfits more. What about you?


# This showstopper look by Soltee


# Mine of Design by Ambar Pariddi Sahai

Day 5: Amazon India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017

What is summer without the quintessential white outfits. I loved most of the designs by this brand. They were so summer comfortable on the eyes, breezy flowy fabrics. Totally wearable by you and me. Loved the collection. Simple & sweet.


All images: Vogue

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