Day 3: AIFWSS17 had some wedding worthy outfits as well. Like seriously !

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Wedding worthy outfits AIFWSS17

I was almost giving up on bridal expectations from Amazon India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017. But just when I lost all hope, Day 3 surprised me by showcasing quite a few wedding appropriate outfits. The next year spring is all going to ivory, whites, and pastel shades and I love that.

Brides generally are moving towards the more pastel, dull tones and if you’re from the same category, then this post might just have some lucky pieces for you to bookmark.


# Siddartha Tytler

I loved these four outfits. The rest of the collection, well not so much…but these four definitely caught my eye. If you’re not too much into the bright pop colors, and like something more sober…then these outfits will most likely suit your taste. There is certain simplicity and elegance that the designer has managed to capture beautifully.


# Rabani & Rakha

The more and more I see her collection, the more I can’t decide which ones my absolute favorite. I love how the designer duo have given a modern twist to the otherwise traditional saree. A lot of brides nowadays are looking for fusion-indo wear for their main wedding functions, and these designs are all great ideas to bookmark and keep for your next wedding appearance.

Is it just me or is warm nude tones really looking that good. Who would have thought? I am still wrapping my head around nude lipsticks, and now we have head to toe wedding outfits in the nude palette. Things are really getting interesting in the fashion world.

I love how the designer duo have kept the color palette warm, but added the glitsy glamour by adding a lot of shimmer and bling to their outfits. It adds the right amount of oomph to the look…and lets face it…when it comes to weddings, we can’t go all out sober right? A perfect balance showcased in this collection.

Wedding worthy outfits AIFWSS17

Day 3: Amazon India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017

Gorgeous drapes in sheer fabric with loads of shimmer, her collection truly was a dream to look at. Quite a few trousseau worth pieces. Which ones are your favorite?


All images: Vogue


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