Best of Day 1: Amazon India Fashion Week spring/summer 2017

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Day 1 Amazon India Fashion Week spring/summer 2017

I am like a child whenever a fashion week starts. Not because I am going to be wearing the designs, but for the sheer fascination of what’s going to be up on the runway this time. Also, not to forget forever searching for bridal pieces…or any outfit styles that a bride would need. Eh, don’t blame me…that’s the job of a wedding blogger right?

So, this time around too…I had bookmarked the days for Amazon India Fashion Week spring/summer 2017 just so I didn’t miss any of the madness…but alas, you can’t see magic every single time right? This times fashion week, atleast day 1 sort of kind of failed to impress in a way.

I don’t know, but I just couldn’t see much of wow outfits that we could go ga-ga about. I have always said to some extent needs to be wearable…that’s the first rule in my book…and this time, the fashion was just all over the place. See for yourself.


Best of Day 1 Amazon India Fashion Week spring/summer 2017

# Road to Chanderi by 16 designers ! Yes, 16 !!

Day 1 Amazon India Fashion Week spring/summer 2017

Raw Mango

This was the opening show at AIFWSS17. At first, I didn’t believe it…16 designers showcasing together…but its true. This is their take on the traditional silhouette chanderi. Aditi Rao Hydari was the showstopper walking for Raw Mango. Quite honestly, I found her outfit the best in the collection.

Divyam Mehra, Prama, Vaishali S, Paromita Banerjee, Ikai, Bodice, Samant Chauhan, Joy Mitra Payal Pratap, Aneeth Arora , Surendri were some of the designers who showcased their work in this opening show.


# Samant Chauhan

Probably the best collection from Day 1 Amazon India Fashion Week spring/summer 2017. I loved the fit and flare look of his outfits. That teamed with bold floral prints on white…it really looked whimsical yet majestic. I especially loved the A line cut floor length skirts…which bride wouldn’t want to get into those.

The collection consisted of off-white outfits with zari and colorful silk thread work in dabka embroidery.  From kimono styled gowns to crop top skirts, he really presented a versatile line for the spring summer collection. Absolutely breathtaking.

Which outfit is your favorite from Samant Chauhan’s collection?


# Curious Alice by Krishna Mehta

Day 1 Amazon India Fashion Week spring/summer 2017

While Samant Chauhan was all about off whites, Krishna Mehta on the other hand was all about the bold pop of color. Her outfits were super duper colorful, and while some were total miss for me, I quite liked a few from her collection. I loved the color combinations of blues and pinks…they complemented each other rather well.

Bohemian jewellery, sneakers and some embellished belts…summer sure has arrived at Amazon India Fashion Week.


# Love Genration

This is what summer looks like. I loved loved the collection. It was so playful, so young….I can totally see college girls rocking these outfits. From bright colors, to bold shades with shimmer…they just had it all in one collection. And, don’t you feel most of these outfits are oh so totally wearable? Love love love !

Day 1 Amazon India Fashion Week spring/summer 2017




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kapoor ria October 20, 2016 - 4:40 pm

It is nice to read when people value and respect the textiles behind making a fabric and understand how big the textile industry in India is. Chanderi is one of the best known handloom clusters in India where they produce textured fabrics of silk. It is nice to acknowledge these clusters and textiles that take us back in time and to work with such fabrics in todays fashion industry. For this years Amazon India Fashion Week SS17, FDCI decided to pay their tributes to this cluster by opening the fashion week with a show where 16 indian designers produced clothes in chanderi fabric.


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