25 Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas that are easy on the pocket

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Diwali is right around the corner, and this is probably the best time to stock up on those wedding giveaway essentials. Although a bridesmaid gifting idea is very western, its something that is such a sweet gesture. I mean, your girls are your support system after all, so why not shower some love during this monumental occasion in your life.

I would highly recommend, if you are sure of doing a gift idea for your girls, a personalized gift box is the way to go. Not only would it be unique, I mean who wouldn’t love opening presents after presents from that big box. Your girls will love it, guaranteed.

So, lets get started.


First things first: Where to get the box from?

You need a gift box which looks fancy. Very important. You could either buy it from a fancy stationary store (will cost you a BOMB) or just make one yourself.

Its not rocket science. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can get cardboard boxes from anywhere really…and gift wrap it in a fancy matte paper (costs around 50-60 bucks – the good ones) and either tie a sash around it, or use some washi tapes.

If you don’t want to do the hardwork, then either go to Lajpat Nagar or Crawford Market…and you will get the stuff for roughly 80-100 bucks a box. (depending upon the size)

What should I put inside the box?

Depending upon your budget, choose a couple of items from the list below. Use lots of confetti and thermocol colorful balls to fill up the space and also it adds a nice gift like touch to the look.


Key thing to keep in mind:

Splurge on that one key gift item which will be the focus, and then fill out the rest of the box frugally. That ways, its easy on your pocket and your girlfriend gets something meaningful + some other cute fun stuff.

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Ok, lets get started…




#1 Scented Candles

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Now, who doesn’t like scented candles. And since its festive season, you will find the market swarming with these. Just pick up a standard sized candle coming in a glass like container. You can then personalize by writing a small note and sticking onto the candle container. You can even pick out different flavors for different bridesmaids if you know what is their taste like.

Cost: A single candle shouldn’t cost more than 50-60 bucks.


#2 Custom Stationary

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Source – Maggie Holmes

A cute little notepad doesn’t take a lot of space, looks adorable and doesn’t cost all that much. Although 90% of the time, we women just stock up on these beauties and never ever actually use them, lets face it…we still want them. So go ahead and put one of these each in your bridesmaid’s gift boxes.

Cost: 100 bucks.


#3 Favorite flowers

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

No need to buy something crazy expensive, you can even get away with twigs and junglee flowers. The idea is to make the gift box/basket adorable.


#4 Lip Balms/Lipstick shades

Basically anything from the makup department. You can decide to mix it up as well. If you know what your bffs are obsessed with most, get them that. They will love you for knowing them so well. Luckily diwali means a lot of websites are on sale with makeup products, so you can easily avail to those discounts and make the purchases intelligently.


#5 Jewellery ( Earrings/Ring/Neck piece/bracelet)

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Source – notonthehighstreet

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Source – Etsy

Something a little sparkly to add to the wedding occasion. Choose wisely on what kind of style, or ornament accessory your bffs prefer and gift them that. You don’t need to do the same piece for all of them. This not only gives you the freedom of choice, you may even pick a bit expensive jewellery for some vs. others. No offense.

The thing is, you don’t have to spend a lot on customization to get a look like this (above). Simply hand write it on a thick paper, or wrap a nice matte paper on a cardboard cut out, and put holes…and stick the earrings into them. Stick your custom note on the piece and viola, you’re done !


#6 Glitter Clothespin Magnets

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Source – popsugar

I saw some really cute ones at TheWishingChair. They are a bit on the expensive side, but somehow stationary everywhere is becoming so damn expensive. If you know of any other place where you can get these for cheaper, do let me know too.


#7 Perfume

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Source – mylusciouslife

This is going to be expensive. There is no two way around it. But that said, this can be that one expensive item in the gift box. You can then choose to fill up the rest of the box with either personalized diy items or even small buys.


#8 A statement clutch

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Source – Etsy

You don’t have to go crazy spending on this one. Just keep it at the back of your mind, and if in case, you come across something worthy of picking up say at an exhibition, or a local street shop…then put your money in this. I have seen some cute indian mirror work potlis in Sarojini Nagar for just 100 bucks…You could may be try that as well.


#9 An eye mask

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Source – country living

You can get custom made eye masks from any online store. My favorites are from EatTravelSplurge.

Cost: 450 bucks


#10 Nail Paints/Nail Art Stick ons

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Drop in a few essential shades like gold glitter, or any matte shades that your bffs love. Easy on the price, and something all girls love…this will surely be used by your girlfriends.

Cost: 80-100 bucks


#11 Cookies, Cupcakes, Chocolates or Macaroons, Donuts

You can either pick these up from any local bakery outlet (will cost you quite a bit) or you can bake them yourself. No it doesn’t take a lot of time, and neither is it complicated. I recently came across this youtube channel, which teaches you to make cupcakes in under 2 minutes. Its pure genius. Click the link here.

If you make them yourself, add a few colorful sprinkles on top…you can easily get your cost down to 10-15 bucks a piece. How is that for a frugal bride eh?


#12 Cocktail Glasses/Shots glasses

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Source – stylecaster

Ok, we don’t have the budget to send out alcohol, but we can do with cocktail glasses na? Its Diwali and you can get a set of two glasses for as low as 100 bucks if you look for them. You can them customize it based on the theme of your gift box…Tie a sash, or use some colorful washi tapes to tie the bottom. Make it look fancy.


#13 A photo of the two of you

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Look back and choose a picture which brings back a lot of happy memories for the two of you. Something fun, goofy…even better would be to send a picture which is a reminder of some crazy day. It would bring a smile on your best friends face for sure. Get it printed in a 4 by 4 and put it in the gift box.

Cost: 10 bucks


#14 A pocket mirror

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Source – Etsy


#15 A cute tote bag

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Source – Etsy

If you can’t personalize it, just get one which is floral and cute. Given that its cloth bag, its easily fold-able, extremely user friendly and your bffs will love it.

Cost: 100-150 bucks


#16 A personalized Mug

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Source – aisle society

You can get these made easily either online or at any nearby store. I have seen lots of mall stores also giving the option of personalization.

Cost: 200-250 bucks


#17 Hair Bands

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Source – beads & cords

If you happen to find something ultra cute such as this, then go ahead and put a few rubber bands in your bridesmaids gift boxes. They are super adorable, very girly.


#18 Personalized Hand Written Card

Buying and gifting is one thing, but what takes it to another level, is adding a personal touch to the gift. Your girls have done everything to make you happy and feel special, now is your turn. Be creative and draw them something nice and mushy.


#19 Spa Kit/Bath Salts

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Source – colin cowie weddings

Now, I know this is a tad bit on the expensive side. But may be you can choose to pick something like this as the main gift item, and stock up the rest of the box with lesser expensive options from the list above. Depending upon your budget you need to make the call.


#20 Succulents

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

I will suggest this only if you have a green gift box theme going on. Its cute and small and will easily survive its time wrapped in the gift box.


#21 A gift card

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Source – two paper divas

Want to spoil your bridesmaid silly. Then gift her a gift card from her favorite store. Could be online ecommerce site, or makeup store or a salon or pretty much anything that you know she is going to love.

Cost: 500 bucks upwards.


#22 A flower crown

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Source – Etsy

Floral crowns are huge this season, and you will see guests, bffs, even brides donning this accessory on their sangeet, mehendi and some even on their big day. You can either make one yourself, or buy these for as low as 50 bucks a piece.


#23 Ghungroo Bangles

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Source – Rainbow dazzle

Every bride squad is donning one of these in weddings nowadays, and you can surprise your bridesmaids by gifting these to them much ahead of the wedding. They will be thrilled to get these for sure.


#24 A cosy shawl/scarf

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

Source – Nordstrom

Now, I know a personalized pajama or a bath robe is crazy expensive. But you can instead go ahead with a nice scarf. Its so versatile in its use, and given winter is approaching, you will see local markets filled with these.

Cost: 50 bucks upwards.


#25 Coasters

Bridesmaid Gift Box ideas

You can even try making these on your own. There are loads of tutorials available online on youtube and pinterest. Tie a nice satin sash around them, and it will make for a stunning diy gift.


Which ones were your favorite from this list?

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