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by Namrata Nautiyal
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Two Fireflies One Camera

I love these guys. In fact, I really wanted them for my wedding photography…but but the budget just didn’t allow me to by a small amount, and I honestly regret it sometimes.

I have generally heard good things about this company over the past two years. Its been long since I started with my search on budget wedding photographers, there are countless of them out there. Its really hard when you look through their work on websites and facebook…Everyone puts their best work up online…and it doesn’t always mean that they give out consistency.

In Two Fireflies One Camera’s work, time and again I have seen that they are brilliant at the price they ask for their services. Not to mention extremely ‘human like’ when they deal with their clients (basically you). They understand your excitement about your wedding, they know how much the day means to you…and rather than just looking at it as another job…they put in their heart and soul to make you look beautiful at your wedding.



My brother and bhabhi hired them for their wedding, and they couldn’t stop going gaga about Priyam (the owner/photographer at Two Fireflies One Camera).

Its not just one family wedding. I have friends of friends who have also worked with these guys and have sung praises and only praises. Ok, I know I sound too good to be true but honestly, this is not some sponsered post. I’m writing about them because I believe in them and their work.

Two Fireflies One Camera

That’s my bhaiya and bhabhi



A. Budget. If you want a good (budget) candid photographer, then they are the people to hire. Everyone’s starting range is from 30k onwards…but it gets very difficult to judge for that price who is the best. I struggled with the same during my wedding, and learnt the hard way. Sometimes its just best to let go of 5-10k in candid photography if you know the company and the work they do.

B. They click beautiful colorful pictures. Often you will notice that there are some photographers who love black and white, some who love greyish color palettes and some which really bring out the vibrancy in a picture. I mostly like the latter one and if you do too, then Two Fireflies One Camera is your deal.

Two Fireflies One Camera

Two Fireflies One Camera


Two Fireflies One Camera

C. They are professional meaning you won’t have troubles with them discussing number of hours of shoot, edited-non-edited pictures, delivery dates etc etc…All those khich-khich won’t be there. Its a big plus point. Because, on the day of…let me tell you, you don’t want to deal with all that madness and even after. You want the experience to be memorable, and they make sure that they deliver on that !



The company was founded in January 2014 by two best friends Priyam Datta & Shaurabh Agrawal. They are the owners of the company. Based out of Mumbai, their forte lies in Candid Photography, Concept based Couple Shoots, Portraits and Baby/Maternity Shoots.

Two Fireflies One Camera Two Fireflies One Camera Two Fireflies One Camera Two Fireflies One Camera Two Fireflies One Camera



The whole range of wedding photography is available through them. You do not have to hire another bunch of people for any aspect of the wedding.

  • Pre-Wedding Photoshoots
  • Candid Photography
  • Traditional Photos
  • Traditional Video
  • Cinematography



What I also like about them is that they really help you by giving information about other good wedding vendors as well. I found my Wedding day MUA through my bhabhi who got the recommendation from Priyam.



  • Candid Photography: Rs. 75,000 per day (team of 2)
  • Wedding Film: Rs. 85,000 per day (team of 2)
  • Traditional photography: Rs. 15,000 per day
  • Traditional Videography: Rs. 30,000 per day
  • Couple Shoot: Rs. 15,000 onwards.

**Packages are always customized according to the requirements and budget.


Ok, I knowww…this is a bit much…but honestly every year…the rates are increasing. Some even increase by a zero in the end. But that’s how it is. The point is – get married soon, if you don’t want to pay big amounts.

Just kidding. Because I know this is a frugal wedding blog…I went ahead and did a jugaad for all you guys. Just you all. Wait for it..







To all Frugal2Fab readers (only), Two Fireflies One Camera has decided to give an exclusive 20% discount on the overall photography+videography package. 



Simply mention Frugal2Fab and that’s it. Its done. You will get a straight 20% discount. No terms & conditions. No hidden costs. Its that simple.



Tel: 098670 85336

Email: HelloFireflies@gmail.com


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