A to Z on all the invitations/cards you need for your wedding #SmartWeddingPlanning

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Take note ladies.

Most of these are DIY. So you can plan it out even a year in advance. Its more fun that way honestly. Takes away the last minute (month) stress of getting things done, and this way you get to plan and enjoy your wedding much much before the final big day.

I remember, the day both our families agreed upon us getting married, I started googling like crazy. Made a list, got color stationary…all kinds of fun girly stuff. And it really is a wonderful feeling. If you want to enjoy the process of wedding planning, the only rule that works is to start early. That’s the only way. Otherwise its just stress-stress and more stress !

Now this post is more or less like, we know we need this…you are not giving us any additional information. True. But with everything that needs to be planned out…its not easy to keep track of things. Its best if you have it in one place..to remind you to keep coming back to it, and work on one thing at a time.

So, with that said…lets get started !


The first thing which requires a card to be made is the engagement. You have just heard the news of your engagement date, but nothing else is fixed yet. No venue, no theme, no time. Its just happened and you’re crazy excited and delighted with the news. You want to get straight into it, so what do you do?

#1 Engagement Announcement

Social Media is a boon because now you don’t need to physically send invites and announcements to everyone. Its well received virtually by people and the best part is it is easy on the pocket. Read FREE ! Yes, free…how so? Click the link above. There are number of sites available all over the internet which provide templates, ideas and more absolutely free of cost.



You can also check out Pinterest for loads and loads of inspirations + use something as basic as picmonkey.com to start making an invite. The possibilities and options are countless, so let the creative streak inside you sparkle through !


#2 Engagement Invitation

I love the idea of frugal weddings…and the point to start it is from the invitation cards. Anything weddingy costs a bomb these days, with crazy out of the world prices being quoted by wedding vendors. If you are someone struggling to keep things in budget, then hopefully all these tips and tricks will help you get that fabulous invitations done within no money. By no money I mean literally zero amount. Seriously.



Zazzle is my favorite when it comes to gorgeous personalized engagement invitations. They have tons of options to choose from, and you can pretty up jazz it up to your liking. You can look for ideas on Pinterest, Etsy or even through blog pages and posts and you will find yourself drowning in inspiration. There is just crazy amount of info out there.


Your wedding date is not set and you have a big gap in between. You want to do something to wow your circle of friends and family. You go ahead and get your pre-wedding photoshoot done. But what after? Posted it online on all social media outlet and poof done. Then, how about making use of those pictures and sending an e-card to close friends and relatives?

#3 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot E-Card

Can be sent to family & friends as a holiday card, if your wedding is some months away. Or you can simply e-send it everyone with a cheeky message keeping them engaged about your upcoming wedding nuptials. Creativity is the key here.



I always encourage brides to go for multiple outfits on their pre-wedding photoshoot day only because of this reason. You then have so many options to choose from, just like here. Use it for a e-card, a save the date card or a thank you card. You can go bonkers only if you have the option. Otherwise its just one outfit, multiple poses…it doesn’t wow that much.


#4 Save the Date Card



Save the date cards are the easiest to make and the most difficult to choose from. The world goes crazy zeroing in on a save the date card and let me tell you, its no easy task. Everyones doing it, and if you want your STD to stand out, then you gotto do some homework. Pinterest is by far the best way of figuring out the style, the font, color etc etc of your card.

Plan it in advance and you will be one heck of a happy bride with yourself. Guaranteed !


#5 Bridesmaid/ Maid of Honor card [Optional]

invitations invitations invitations invitations

The last one is my absolute  favorite. I mean in this day and age, who doesn’t want a pinterest/tumblr wedding. Genius, isn’t it? What I love about each of these cards is that it is so DIY. Like picmonkey.com is screaming, come on my website and make your e-cards. Its the best platform everrr.

Even though you don’t want to call it bridesmaid (very western, I know) we all need our best friends by our side right? Nothing wrong in showing some love by sending them a separate e-card and showing your love.


#6 Bachelorette Invitations

invitations invitations invitations

This is something that you as a bride don’t need to bother about. But I included it in the list of things because, a. You can very well think about doing this for your best friend someday.  Its fun, flirtatious and you can come up with whacky invitations. No need to go sophisticated on this one ladies !


#7 Wedding Invitations



I wrote an entire post on the type of wedding invitations to choose from. Read it here. From lace to box style or a simple invitation card…depending upon your liking, your taste and your wedding theme choose a card that is you.


#8 Thank you Cards

invitations invitations

Its always nice to be nice. Just coz the wedding is over, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appreciate all that your loved ones have done for you to make your big day spectacular. You can either simply write a text thank you, or pre-plan the thank you card image in your pre-wedding photoshoot. It all depends on how you plan it.



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