5 Fun locations to shoot your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Delhi

by Namrata Nautiyal
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pre-wedding photoshoot in Delhi

Before we begin, have you read my other pre-wedding photoshoot posts? In case you have missed any, you can find the links by clicking here.

I know I talk a lot about pre-wedding photoshoots and locations, and props, and outfits…I know, I know…but what to do…I absolutely love this tradition. Not only is it stress free…you do it way before the wedding making it one heck of a fun day out. Its the perfect excuse to have the best time with your to-be spouse while getting yourself some amazing clicks. Not to forget the countless memories that come with it.

I got married 9 months ago and I moved to Delhi. When I came to this city, I came with a very negative outlook towards the place. I had heard the worst things about NCR, and I was petrified to call this city my home. But within a matter of a few months, I fell in love.

I know for a fact that you won’t find another soul who will tell you this…that I love Delhi more than Bombay. Its true. There are so many amazing places here to hang out in, so much history and so many outstation options for weekends. I wouldn’t change anything about this city…well, not really true…I wish I could change the people…but eh, you can’t have everything right?

The point being, to get me to enjoy this city…me and my hubby would keep exploring places…and that’s precisely when I thought about writing these posts. I found so many locations that were fitting for a pre-wedding photoshoot and these are some of the fun options I have for you.


#1 National Rail Museum

pre wedding photoshoot Delhi

pre wedding photoshoot DelhiI absolutely love this place. They have so many exhibits, every corner is picture cicking worthy. Guaranteed the child in you will be back, and you will get some stunning vintage shots here. The best part is, its not all that crowded all the time, choose any weekday and come in the mornings and get your photoshoot done.


#2 Khan Market

pre wedding photoshoot Delhi

Khan Market with its little boutiques and restaurants is a quirky location to shoot your pre-wedding photoshoot. Always crazy crowded, you will have to plan out your timing if you zero in on this place. But nevertheless, you have little restaurants and corners, which will give you plenty a background for the pictures.


#3 Lodhi Art District

pre wedding photoshoot Delhi

pre wedding photoshoot Delhi

pre wedding photoshoot Delhipre wedding photoshoot Delhi

So, I haven’t been to this place, but the pictures make me wonder..why did I not visit this place. Its gorgeous. You have such colorful walls with each one making for stunning background look for your photoshoot. There are in all 12+ art walls to pose in front of, and its all free. !!

Lodhi Art District is said to be India’s first open air public art district…and I feel the best way to show appreciation to this incredible art street is to click loads of pictures and share share share. What do you think?


#4 Connaught Place

pre wedding photoshoot Delhi

pre wedding photoshoot Delhi

The most striking thing about Connaught Place are its white pillars. There is nothing extraordinary here, and you are right…it may not be the most attractive of the options…but you can definitely get one or two amazing shots here. The idea of this post is to give you as many options out there..luckily since all these locations are in the heart of New Delhi, you can easily do multi-location pre-wedding photoshoot.


#5 Heritage Transport Museum

pre wedding photoshoot Delhi pre wedding photoshoot Delhi

I can think of so many different poses and themes to shoot in this location. Wouldn’t it be awesome to wear some old vintage outfits and pose in the luxury train compartment? If you are into quirky, then you probably should check this place out. Its not in Delhi, but Manesar Gurgaon…I guess it must be 60 some kilometers from main city, but if you get the permission…I would suggest don’t miss this one.



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